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tagged by @midnightsouls, used the earrings, and by @chiaraz and used the necklace

- Capes or trench coats? coats
- Heels or boots? boots because i can't walk in heels, pity!
- Stripes or animal prints? stripes
- Handbags or clutches? handbags
- Sleeveless tops or blouses? blouses
- Cardigans or jackets? cardigans <3
- Belts or scarves? super long scarves
- Dresses or top+skirts? love both!
- Trousers/pants or skirts? depends
- Nerd glasses or sunglasses? glasses but not the nerd ones
- Lip gloss or lipstick? lip balm
- Mascara or fake lashes? mascara
- Eye liner or eye shadow? can't use any of them
- Hair tied up or hair down? down
- Buns or plaits? plaits
- Gold or silver? mm, i can't chose 
- Neon colors or pale colors? pale
- Black or white? black
- Purple or red? red
- No fashion or die? ohmyy!
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