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It's Marie {@xoxo-mimi}!

I have always looked awkward in peter pan collar shirts. I bought one last month, because it looked exactly like one Eleanor Clader had been sporting in a picture and I thought it looked too cute on her. But on me? Bleh. The problem is that I desperately want to jump into this adorable trend. And I've found how! By jazzing up my nails with this simple and classy look. So onto the tippie! ♥(:

♥ Base coat
♥ Top coat
♥ White nail polish
♥ Black nail polish
♥ Gold microbeads
♥ Small paintbrush
♥ Binder rings

O1. Remove any existing polish from your nails. You want to start with a clean slate for this nail look.
O2. Apply a clear base coat to prevent your nails from staining, as we are applying a very dark polish, since the 'shirt' part of this nail look is black.
O3. Take those little binder reinforcement rings and apply them to each finger to get a curved neckline shape.
O4. Apply the black nail polish from the reinforcement ring to the tip of your finger. You may need to use two or three coats to get an opaque finish.
O5. Once the black polish has dried, it's time to paint on the collar. Use white nail polish to achieve the look. Apply two dots next to each other, and drag them out to create the shape.
O6. Once you're finished doing all that, use a small paintbrush to clean up the line, to make it look nice and sharp. A scraggly line could ruin the whole look.
O7. Next, you'll need to paint on a clear top coat, and quickly affix the small gold microbeads. Place them in a line to create the buttoned up look.
O8. After having placed the buttons, wait for the top coat to dry firmly, and apply one last clear coat and you're done :)

~If any of this was unclear, check out this detailed tutorial that includes images;
~Feel free to be creative! Switch up the collar colors, the shirt colors and even the button colors! Experiment with color combinations to find what suits you best.

live like it's the l a s t day.
~Marie xx // @xoxo-mimi

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