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the kids don't stand a chance // vampire weekend.

Emily Fields, 18
Style: Very casual and comfy. But she does love to dress up sometimes
Biography: Emily seems to have the perfect life. Being the star on the swim-team, a couple of best friends strung by her side, and everyone loving her for her cool, laid-back approach everything seems to fit nicely, but it's never as it seems. With her mother watching her every move, the rest of the girls on the swim team trying to out-do her, and her eyes carelessly lingering on girls for a bit too long, Emily is down in a rut. She dreams of getting out of Rosewood, but would never act on it. She's the sweetest girl out of her friends, and wouldn't dare hurt a fly, but maybe that's why Alison pushed her around a bit too easily. After Emily fell for her old best friend that's the secret that Alison held against her for the years she was friends with her. She's the 'jock' out of her friends, and can be very competitive, though when things go too far Emily is usually stuck without a clue what to do. But now that Rosewood is turning sour, will her secrets start spilling out of the closet? Literally. 
Model: Darla Baker

Best friends, friends, frenemies, or enemies? You know the drill! :) Sorry this is so late! :O
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