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Alicia Ramena, 17
Style: Glamorous and high-fashion, she looks good in anything 
Biography: Most people think Alicia is a huge b-tch, and well, she is. But she hides that with sweet smiles and delicious laughter. For reasons unknown, Alicia always finds herself into trouble. She giggles nervously and says that drama just seems to follow her, but really? She absolutely loves drama. In fact, she has a craving for in, and must have in her life for her to live. You see how dramatic she is? Alicia is a huge drama queen, she makes the biggest deal out of the smallest thing, but in a cute way, which makes people forgive her. Every boy's heart is in her palm, and they just can't seem to keep their hands to themselves, so it's obviously not Alicia's fault, right? Hah. She just says that and apologizes about fifty times plus a gift basket, and all is forgiven. Some say she's a nicer Alison, and in fact, she is. Minus the 'nicer' part that is. Sneaky, lying and back-stabbing, Alicia is a miniature Alison. Can you say uh-oh? 
Model: Nina Agdal 

Why hello there.
My name is Alicia, in case you haven't heard of me. I enjoy the typical teenage girl things; shopping, parties, boys, and of course, gossiping. I love gossip, as long as it's not about me. You could say I'm a drama queen, but I really don't mean to be one. I promise, my bark is worse than my bite. 

So call me, and we can hang out.


Obviously Alicia actually is a drama queen, she just pretends that it's an accident.
Would anyone like to be Alicia's friend, enemy or frenemy? Comment below and PM me if you want to start some drama.
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