Phantom of the Mardi Gras

Submit any set(s) with a mask in it. Please be original. Contestants judge this! You all are in control of voting for sets that follow the guidelines and rules...

Some interesting facts:
"History of Italian Masquerade Masks, Dating to the 12th century, Venetian masks served the purpose of disguising their medieval wearers from judgmental eyes so that they could enjoy pre-Lenten feasts and festivals. Everyone enjoyed anonymity, the commingling of the classes, and even the clergy might be able to go dancing.

Maskmakers were important artisans and operated under their own guild. Masks were designed to cover the whole face and most often were made of papier-mâché and decorated with gold leaf, gems and feathers. They could be as simple or elaborate as the user wished and always conveyed an exciting air of mystery."

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