hey guys, this is meg! i've a set here about POTO. an outfit inspired by POTO. I watched the 2004 movie and.. I can't... I can't. Well, you see, this is the first set, there's gonna be a second one. And maybe even a third.

I fell in love with this movie
And especially Phantom himself
I'm a phangirl now
Get it? :) 

Okay, let's start

WHITE BLOUSE - inspired by raoul and phantom
VELVET SKIRT - inspired by the opera theatre
CAMEO NECKLACE - inspired by the movie's 'antique' era
SOCKS + SHOES - socks represent christine's femininity , while the oxfords are inspired by phantom
CHANEL BAG - inspired by phantom who's really rich (c'mon, he has a high salary) 
SPIKED HEADBAND - inspired by phantom. the spikes represent his edge (IM PHANGIRLING RIGHT NOW OMGGGG). and note that the spike only go halfway through the headband. like his mask. I don't feel comfortable walking around with a mask in public

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