The Ultimate Book Lover Round 8 :
Any type of set is welcome, as long as you include the required elements.
The Final Round
[x]1. Wildcard. Create any set you want. There are no rules, so long as your set is inspired by your book. 
[x]2. Review. Give a short synopsis of your book, then explain what it is you love about it.
The Phantom of the Opera is the tragic love story of a physically deformed genesis. This genesis, outcast by society for his mere appearance, recedes to the catacombs located below The Opera Popular. There, he dons the persona of The Phantom (a.k.a. the Opera Ghost), the terror of the Opera Popular. It is a few years later that he stumbles upon Christine Daae, daughter of the late violinist. Her voice was once very beautiful, when she use to sing with her late father, but has grown rusty as her passion for music dwindled with her father's death. Erik, the Opera Ghost, finds her one day and recognizes her true talent. He begins to mentor Christine, growing more and more attached to her voice and beauty everyday. Erik tells Christine he is the Angel of Music, the one her father has sent from beyond the grave to guide her voice. She believes him. One night, when the lead soprano falls ill, Christine takes her place and surprising the whole Opera Popular. Her childhood sweetheart, Raoul, is in the audience, and he immediately becomes smitten by her again. The rest of the book is a battle of Christine's affections. Does she choose her childhood sweetheart, who is rich, or her 'angel of music', Erik? And will the one she rejects take her betrayal lightly? Read The Phantom of the Opera, by Gaston Leroux, to discover choices that lead to death's door.

Okay, synopsis aside, I LOVE this book, as well as the musical adaptation. The back stories of Christine and Erik are heart wrenching and tragic. I believe this book captures the mysterious enchantment of a person's first love in a riveting way. It also shows the troubles that appear when a person likes more than one person at a time, and the (though extreme) consequences that can come with such actions.
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I would love another Book Lover Challenge Group, but I do not think I will not be able to participate in one because my life outside the internet is beginning to be busy.
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