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  • Cazadora perfecto en rosa 'candy'
    Ya lo adelantábamos al enumerar las tendencias que triunfarán este otoño: abrigarse con tonos candy es todo un hit y casi un acto de rebeldía en un momento en el que el negro es el protagonista absoluto de armarios, estanterías y escaparates. Para demostrar su versatilidad y alejarse de tópicos naïf, el rosa empolvado se subió a las pasarelas internacionales y llenó las tiendas de medio mundo en forma de abrigos cocoon, total looks y cazadoras de textura fury como ésta biker de lana con cremalleras de Stradivarius (59,95 €) que está disponible también el rojo cereza y que promete endulzar, al grito de I want candy, los estilismos más punk.
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    BAZAAR editors pick mint green clothes and accessories for your spring wardrobe update.
  • Women’s Coats For Spring-Summer 2014
    Hi Dear friends, I have great news for you, as we are about to see some bright trends for the upcoming spring-summer 2014 season and today's topic is
  • Countdown to Topshop Opening Now in Pictures Fashionista
    Can you tell we’re counting down the days to Topshop’s opening on Broadway? The current word is that it’ll finally happen sometime between October 16th – 18th, and we can barely wait, especially now that we’ve seen the Fall 08 clothes. We’re all obsessed with the Bandstand Coat at left, and we each have our own obsessions (click through to check them out.) We don’t love everything on there, but definitely enough so that we’ll stand in whatever line to get to it on the first day. And the best part? Topshop’s planning on just converting the prices from pounds to dollars, which means this ¬£100 coat will be $200 for us. Normally, we’d think the currency conversion was annoying/unfair/off putting, but in this case, we love it. There aren’t too many places where you can find a decent quality, cute coat for $200, and it looks like Topshop will be one of them. But still, here’s to hoping the dollar gets stronger… Britt’s picks: Natalie’s picks:
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