hello eveyone~!! just wannted to share my love for phoebe with everyone!! i really feel like i connect to her, we have the same believes and act the same and i'd definatly say i'd wear everything she wears <33 who do you think your like in friends? its funny cause, i'm phoebe, my friend mel is rachel and my other friend shana is monica!! eeeeee :D

oohhhh and i have FABTASTIC news!!! i am now offically a peskiterian~!!! yaaayyy :D if you don't know what that means, its a person who doesnt eat meat, but they do eat fish. i'd rather be a vegeterian, but of course its way too hard for my mum to have to cook a completely different meal for me, so when i am older and can cook (harr dee harr) i will be a proper vegeterian!!! yaaayy :D i am super happy!! i've wanted to be a vegeterian for hmm lets see.. for about well, i good few years! because my old best friend was one and i really wanted to be one like her, and then i found out evanna was one, and of course phoebe is one too, oh and stargirl! (not that i'm JUST being one because they are, they just made me real happy that i wanted it and they were it!!), but i just hate eating animals, even fish, i know is horrible to eat but i think its a step in the right direction for me. plus, its better to be a peskiterian until i can be a veggie, than to just eat meat until then! :D but i'm gunna have to be careful with the sweets and stuff i eat O.o oh well, i'm sure i'll manage ^.^
what do you guys think?
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Wrote 4 years ago
this is great! you should enter the contest: http://www.polyvore.com/which_friend_are_you_monica/contest.show?id=330444

Wrote 6 years ago
ooh yes hehe and live off pink fairy cakes :3

Wrote 6 years ago
hehe we should avoid eating veggie dinner together then ^^

Wrote 6 years ago
yuck! i hate chilli >:3 tehe, well i'm really bad with spicey stuff so.. yeah ^^


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