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⋆MADAME GORSKI (late twenties; unknown) 
madam, as the girls know her, is four things: the oldest, their choreographer, their window into dreamland, and blue's... person. she acts as a mother to the lennox girls, despite being not so much older than them, and she adores them all, prehaps too much. her days are spent at the asylum, where she is a therapist who believes in acting out tragedies in order to solve them. by night she is another dancer and the lead in a great many numbers, the whole of which she choreographed herself. but blue's favourite has, like her girls, a dark past and a forgotten name.
madam was born valentina gorski to russian immigrants, and she was highly educated and a master chess player. she came of age during world war one, and she was a soldier's sweetheart- until he was killed. she attempted suicide, and was institutionalized in response. a lobotomy was threatened. she wriggled free of the asylum by trading sexual favours under the direction of the lennox leader at the time, jane harrison. she was somewhat happier at the time, bonded with the other girls and forgetting her soldier, but bombarded with heavy sexual pressure. and then jane was killed and the lennox house was thrown into chaos, and everyone was forced back into their drugged states. except for valentina gorski. she was rechristened (and some speculate brainwashed) by blue as madam, like a brothel's madam, and given eight girls to work with, as both a therapist and a choreographer. and then the eight were killed. and the next eight, and on it goes. one set disappears, another takes its place, and madam gorski remains.
likes; her girls, dancing, chess, freedom, alcohol (although prohibition can make it difficult to come by), the other world, music, keeping secrets from blue, costumes, having her girls act out their pasts in order to save them, the world outside lennox, big cities, salvation.
dislikes; losing arguments with blue, the increasing amount of sexualization of lennox, not being able to help, her eight dying, her fear.
model; olga sherer
@volonte (when she's on)


tracklist on above playlist:
disturbia - rihanna
sweet dreams (are made of this) - emily browning
every day is exactly the same - nine inch nails
love is the drug - carla gugino and oscar issac
dancing in the dark (proper villains remix) - dev
the outsider (apocalypse mix) - a perfect circle
immigrant song - karen o with trent reznor and atticus ross
hearts under fire (bare remix) - lea luna
when the lights go out - the black keys
russian roulette - rihanna
we will rock you - queen 

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