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5. Vanessa Hudgens
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shay collins│the girls of theta house
september 8th, 2012

“So, what you’re saying is that the film is better than the book?

Jenny nodded, her perfect blonde ponytail bobbing with the movement. I scoffed loudly, causing Jenny’s eyes to narrow. “What’s so funny?”

“The fact that you are an English student and you are sitting there telling me that a film trumps the book it originates from. And The Hunger Games, too. You’re ridiculously deluded.”

I paused before continuing. “The film f-cked up the casting, apart from Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks, they disregarded half the book, missing important chunks out and it just isn’t the same. But saying that, I did enjoy the film. 

Jenny was about to reply, most likely to disagree with everything I had just said when someone else beat her to it.

“I agree. Although made well, it didn’t respect the book it was adapted from.”

The familiar voice of Oliver brought a smile to my face.

“See, even Oliver thinks so. Your argument is invalid.”

Jenny stood up and huffed before leaving the table along with Izzy and Jade in tow. Chuckling, I turned to Oliver who was just taking Jenny’s vacant seat. “Thank you. No doubt I would have then had to listen to how hot Liam Hemsworth is so he was perfect for Gale and that Josh Hutcherson was also a good pick. And how Katniss should have been skinnier than Jennifer Lawrence, who according to Jenny, is ‘fat’. 

“I didn’t understand half of that but you’re welcome.” Oliver gave me a charming smile and I couldn’t help but smile back. It was nice seeing him after a summer away.

“So, how was your summer?” 

“It was good, I went travelling.” I smiled widely at this.

“You are so lucky, I wanted to go travelling but my mother wouldn’t let me use the money my dad saved up for me so I was forced to stay here all Summer, although I did take a road trip to California. So, anyway, where did you go?”

“Europe, mostly but I went to Australia and New Zealand too.”

“Was it as amazing as it sounds?”

Oliver smiled. “Even better. Hey, I got you something, I thought you might like it.” 

I raised an eyebrow as I watched Oliver open his bag and pulled out a square package. “It’s nothing much but when I saw it, I thought of you.” He passed it to me and I smiled, opening it quickly. Realising it was a book, I ran my fingers over the title, which read Orgueil Et Prejuges. Looking up, I stared at Oliver, who looked slightly embarrassed. 

“If you don’t like it feel free to tell me, I won’t mind. I knew I shouldn’t have got you it, I should have asked what you liked before I bought something.” I stopped Oliver half way through his rant by placing my hands on his hands, which were resting on his lap, nervously.

“Stop rambling. I absolutely love it, thank you. How did you know Pride and Prejudice was one of my favourite books?”

“Because I’ve known you for a year now.” At this, Oliver moved his hands away from mine and cleared his throat. Checking his watch, he stood up abruptly. “I should go, I’ll see you class.” He walked away before I could say goodbye and I shook my head at his sudden reaction. I had only touched his hand, like a friend would. But then again, I suppose we weren’t friends as such. He was my teacher, in a way. But what did the book mean? Running my finger over the engraved title once more, I put the book in my bag and stood up, heading back to the house. I looked like an idiot sat on my own.

Walking into the front door, I spotted Aria and Liam on the sofa and decided that I would not be the one to interrupt their moment. Instead, I headed to the kitchen, where Grace was stood talking to Bailey, who was just picking up her bag. 

“Hey Shay, have you been on Campus today?”

“Near to it, it is open if that’s what you want to know. Also, the cute little café is also open, you know the one where they have cute little two tables, you and Colton could go today.” I smirked as I watched her roll her eyes at me.

“Very funny, b-tch. Well I will see you two later, bye!” 

Myself and Grace each muttered goodbye and watched as she left the kitchen. When it was just me and Grace, I gave her a small smile. “Fancy helping a confused girl bake a little?”

Grace smiled and shrugged her slim shoulders. “Sure, why not?” 

Clapping my hands together, I dropped my back and went to the cupboard which stored all my baking equipment in. “So, why are we baking? Has it something to do with a certain somebody?”

Grace knew about my closeness with Oliver, I had to tell someone and Grace was probably the least judgemental in the whole of the house. “Yes, he confused me today. And before you say it, yes, it’s not that hard to do!” I saw the small smile on Grace’s face and couldn’t help but laugh. “I know you too bloody well!”

“But as I was saying,” I set out all the ingredients in a line before continuing. “He has majorly confused me. He bought me a book today, a French version of Pride and Prejudice and then he got all weird on me and left as fast as he could. He was that quick, he made Usain Bolt look slow.”

“Maybe he realised it was inappropriate to give a student a gift?”

I stared at Grace before sighing. “I suppose you’re right. Like usual,” Washing my hands quickly in the sink, I turned to Grace, who was stood by the mixing bowl, a smile on my face. “Let’s make some pretty cakes!”
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