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  • Details of the Duke of Windsor's suits
    Details of the Duke of Windsor's suits from Ivy Style
  • New Yorq
    A New York photography blog, an expression of my love for NYC. I try to put a credit with every photo. If you want to edit/change credits or have me remove one of the photos on this blog, just message...
  • Frozen Pond First Snow
    Photo portfolio of Kent Shiraishi on 500px. 18/11/2012. Biei in Hokkaido,Japan. This pond is a beautiful pond which changes colors every day. This pond is sometimes visible to wonderful blue or green. Moreover, it snowed in this pond for the first time today,November 18, 2012. And I looked at the light green pond!
  • 16 Sweet Pictures of Scooters
    Maybe you, like me, have trouble telling the difference between Vespas, mopeds, and scooters. Or maybe you've always dreamed of having a vintage Italian Vespa parked in your garage. Either way, most people can appreciate a scooter's clean, shiny aesthetic.