@jazzybieber Sorry, it took longer than I thought! I hope you like it anyways.

They had called you up a week ago. You were surprised to hear their voices when you picked up and answered. They had informed you that you and Zayn were the cutest couple EVER, and they wanted to do a photo shoot to put in this months magazine issue. After informing Zayn, and after a while of talking about it, you called the company back and said you would do it. Now, standing in front of a bunch of cameras, and a BUNCH of people, you and Zayn were starting to wonder if you did the right thing. "Make up!" somebody shrieked. A lady ran up and started hitting your face with a powder brush. You coughed, and surprised the lady. She finished powdering your face anyway, and ran off. Leaning down next to Zayn, who was already sitting down for a couple pictures, you asked "Do they always use that much makeup?" and he started laughing. The people behind the cameras glared at you, but you both batted your eyes innocently. Turning back to you, Zayn answered "Yes, but your lucky. That's not even HALF." You gasped, and then shrieked when he grabbed you, and pulled you into his arms. The cameramen glared at you both even more. Some of them even ran over to pull you off of each other, until the manager stopped them. "Wait, don't break that up! That's cute, and it shows how real they are. Let them be natural, what they would do as a couple! Keep doing that, kids," she said, winking at you both. Turning back to each other, you both did what you usually do, play around with each other, and be natural. When they were finally done, the manager turned to you. "Those are some pretty cute pictures," she said, winking at you again. Thanking her, you walked over to Zayn. "I can't WAIT to get out of this," Yu complained, smiling at him. "But you look sooo good in it," he smiled, grabbing your waist, and giving you a small kiss before he let you go. "I hope you got a picture of that," the manager said smiling.

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