Photography Inspiration;; Part Three! ∞

this is part three of my photography collection:




Taggies c:
@elee-1d So you speak Spanish c: That's chill! Cooler than me at least XD You're so cool, you're like Antarctica! Woo!
@lollipop20018 Omg I love lollipops. So that means that I love you. Sooo yeah :D
@jojo343-1 I really like your outfits, and you have a bunny on your profile :3
@wreckthisxoxo HIIIII POLYBESTIE. Okay, so you're just like one of my most favoritest people ever! Yay, grammar! Anyway, I don't need grammar, because I don't go to grammar school and neither do you because we're AMERICAN. SO DEAL WITH IT. But I like grammar... And we're going to be British (or at least pretend to be // fool ourselves into thinking we are) soon when we move there and be really cool and say things like " 'ELLO GUVNR. LET'S ALL GO ON THE PAVEMENT TO THE TRAM TO THE FISH AND CHIPS SHOP." Wow, I'm really sorry if you're British and read this because I must sound like a horrible person, and yes, I'm aware that that's not what British people sound like, but @wreckthisxoxo and I will, because we'll delude ourselves into thinking that we're British. So we'll be super British. Like that. Anyway, hi Lexi! :D
@nerdychic-xx OH MY GAWD. Your sets are so adorable and you just seem really cool because you like a lot of the things that I like. So yeah. c:
@ekenney368 I love your outfits, and I want to be able to fly too! That would be so cool.
@stephanie-is-a-iconic-girl omg, i love your sets so much *casual fangirling here* and you're awesome c:

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