• la petite dernière du clan Kardashian-Jenner sait parfaitement rivaliser avec ses aînées !
    MTV Movie Awards 2013 : Kylie Jenner : la petite dernière du clan Kardashian-Jenner sait parfaitement rivaliser avec ses aînées !
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    Kylie Jenner's Lolita-esque photos are causing quite a stir on Instagram.
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    By Katie Mathewson Kylie Jenner is a reality-TV star, fashion designer, model, aunt, sister, and daughter, but we'd like to add Selfie Queen to that list. With well over 5 million loyal fans, the...
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    Kylie Jenner, one of the younger Kardashians, took to Twitter recently to vent on some things that were being said about her family. A tabloid magazine
  • 2014 Billboard Awards Beauty Poll Which Star Had the Best Hair and Makeup Look?
    The red carpet was filled with PRETTINESS in all caps at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards (which have just started as of this poll's press time). Kesha rocked her pink hair. Jennifer Lopez wore a mini ponytail. And pretty much everyone wore lovely eye makeup. Here are my picks for the best of the red carpet—which look is your fave? Kesha's soft pink updo and sexy mauve eye makeup. Sarah Hyland's sleek bun and shimmery eyeshadow. Chrissy Teigen's new long bangs and understated makeup. Jennifer Lopez's high mini ponytail and perfectly lined eyes. Miranda Lambert's sleek locks and light eye makeup. And Kylie Jenner's oddly appealing turquoise ombre hair and lashes, lashes, LASHES: Which one was the big winner of the red carpet for you? Vote! My favorite beauty look from the 2014 Billboard Music Awards red carpet was on: Of course, some of the performers didn't get to walk the carpet, so their looks didn't make this list. But that just means there's more to look forward to!