I finished ^^ It's short, but i was writing it forever... :D
- We arrived - MinJae stopped the car in front of a building.
We got out the car and went in. There were a lot of people, everybody was running around. The boys sat down and the unnies made their make up. I searched a place for me and took a seat. I brought a book with me, so I started to read.
- Would you like to drink something? - MinJae stood beside me.
- thanks - I smiled.

Half hour later the boys changed their clothes and they were ready for the shoot. The first concept was simple, they wore black t-shirt and jeans. I looked up just rarely, it was really boring.

And after the stylist unnies splotched them with something dirt. They looked like a bunch of car mechanic. I laughed to myself and continued the reading.

The time passed and I was really bored. I couldn't do anything...I couldn't concentrate on my book because of the noise.
- Ajussi...what am I doing here? - I asked MinJae.
- I don't know - he shook his head. - I just did what JYP said.
- Great - I sighed. - I'll go out for a bit.
- Okay, but take care.
- All right!

I went out and took a walk. The weather wasn't the best, but it was definitely better than in the building. I didn't walk to far, because I didn't want to get lost. I sat down on a railing and just looked somewhere.
- What's the matter? - Junho took a seat beside me.
- Nothing. Why are you here?
- We got a little break - he smiled and drew a line on my cheeks with his dirty hand.
- Ya! It's disgusting! - I laughed.
- I don't care, you are smiling.
- But don't hug me please! - I grabbed his hand, when I saw what he want to do.
- Cruel dongsaeng - his lips curled a bit. - Do you want to come back with me?
- Hm...okay.
I jumped off and followed him.
The others were already clean, so Junho left me alone to wash off the dirt. I went closer now, because MinJae was near by the set.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah - I nodded.

- We'll make a group pictures first - the photographer shouted. The boys stood in the set and....took off their t-shirts...
I wasn't surprised because of the view, I see them often in the rehearsal room or in their dorm. Especially Taecyeon likes to walk around every morning without his shirt.
However I have to confess...It wasn't really the same...They looked really hot! They wore make-up and they made sexy poses. 
After they finished the group pictures, the photographer started to take solo photos. Junho finished first, so he spend the remaining time with me.

I was talking with him and just rarely looked the others. But when Chansung was there I spotted something. He stared me with an evil smile...
- I want that! - I pointed at him.
- You want Chansung? - Junho asked.
- Yeah! - I answered without thinking.
- You really want him?
- What? Who is talking about that monkey? Are you babo?
- Hey girl! You said a minute ago - he looked me.
- I want the strawberry - Maybe I was a bit ambiguous. But strawberry! I didn't get it in the morning.
- You want some?
- Yeah, because that giant babo ate mine.
- Okay, I'll ask for you - Junho poked my cheeks.
I stared that delicious strawberry in Chansung's mouth...Yummy...

- Here it is - Junho gave me the strawberries.
- Thank you! You are the best - I kissed his cheek. I stuck out my tongue toward Chansung and started to eat the fruits.

The photo shoot ended really late...I was tired, so I fell asleep on Junho's shoulder in the car.
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