Hello. Today I'll tell you about my Polyvore story. I've first seen the name " Polyvore" on a teen magazine that was published in Vietnam 5 years ago. They introduced Polyvore as a fabulous world for fashionista all over the world and we can find out any kind of clothes, jewelries, accessories,.. on Polyvore. At that time, my house 's not connected the internet yet so day by day, I've forgot this name "Polyvore". 5 months ago, I suddenly remembered that I used to know about a webpage which is paradise for anyone who loves fashion. But I couldn't remember clearly the name of this page. So I started to find it by Google. I tried to write all words start with "p", "po"... Finally, I found out the exact name " Polyvore". Wow, so incredible, I can find anything just by Click and click on Polyvore. Thank to you, I can aproach all of hot trends, fashion weeks being take place around the world. I meet some people who also have same hobbies at me and we made friends. Especially, Polyvore give us chances to have big prizes such as tickets to go to fashion week, gift cards, meeting our idols... but above, Polyvore becomes my closefriend. In my free time, I can spend many hours on Polyvore to make sets, visit other people's home page and press Like or comments. My sister asked me " Why do you love Polyvore like that?". Oh, I don't know any reason, I just cann't take my eyes off you- Polyvore. Be my Best Friend Forever. Thanks for reading.
Top Sets for Aug 5th, 2012
@polyvore : Thank you so much, Reach top set 2 consecutive days. Amazing.
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