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I was tagged by @solespejismo. Thanks for your cute question.
Rule 1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones.
Rule 3: Tag 11 new people

My questions:
1. Big bags or clutches? 
Both two. Big bags for school and clutches for party.
2. Mc Queen or Lanvin?
I don’t know
3. Favourite season of the year? and why?
Spring. Because it is the time that my country celebrates Lunar New Year holiday. It’s the biggest celebration in Vietnam, I think so.
4. If you could chose a place to born, wold you chose your country again?
5. Do you have a dream work?
Yes. Be a stylist for singers or artists.
6. If you could be a top model, which one would U be? Kate Moss or Alexa Chung?
Neither of them. I want to be myself.
7. Coffee or tea?
Maybe tea.
8. Your fav food?
All of dishes my Mom cooks.
9. Did you have fotolog?

10. Back in time, which one would you say that was "The Golden Age" for fashion?
Honestly, I don’t understand so much.
11. Did you found friends at polyvore?
Ofcourse. Thanks to Polyvore, I have some new friends who are so cool.
My questions:
1.Where are you now?
2.How have you known me?
3.Your favourite designer?
4.Your idol?
5.Do you have Facebook.? Let me make friends with you.
6.Where will you visit if you want to travel abroard?
7.Milk or tea?
8.Your favourite nail polish color?
9.Have you ever missed really great opportunity in your life?
10.Do you have many fashion clothing?
11.Do you like shopping online?
I tag: @lover2lover @pinky-shimmer @advent68 @yerina @ekincetin @jung-177 @hieuanh @jamie-760 @barbarela11 @susanvance-25 @vassiliki-g
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