This choice of styling here was inspired by the painting "The Aficionado" by Pablo Picasso. Picasso. Synonymous with works such as cubism, blue period, art Nuevo, just to name a few. The Aficionado" (1912) was considered analytical cubism. To me it was the beginning of Picasso's juxtaposition of his naive art (primitivism) with cubism. Many think Picasso is the "father" of cubism, but actually George Braque did this type of art before Picasso. In fact Picasso and Braque started turning out paintings that looked almost identical. It became really difficult after a while to know who painted what, because as a "private joke" some say, neither signed his paintings during that time. The "duplications" if you will, some argue were on purpose. I've read both sides of that argument and quite frankly I would not put it past Picasso. I had to double check this painting several times just to make sure it was in fact Picassos'. It's been noted that Picasso and Braque made way for Paris avant-garde which further confirms that fashion is really just another form of art.
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