Babies are so cute <3

AND its time to reveal my plan I guess.

So...after I lost my previous job I decided that I want to go abroad. And because I've been thinking about being an au pair for years I was like: NOW! I have to try it!

And I applied for it a few weeks ago and I am in the middle of finding a good family to spend a year together.

Today I talked with one of them via Skype and they look nice, the children are at good age BUT!

She wants me to start next week! LIKE HOW? How could I pack my stuffs and leave my country, my life behind in a week? Especially because I said I want to start from January so I was like: I am gonna speak with a family for a few times during Dec and then we find a good date to start in January.

So now I don't know what to do. I have to work during December because I need the money to actually leave my country and all. 

Maybe they are not the right family yet...or she might change her mind and can wait for me :) Who knows?

I don't want to decide urgently then regret it later. No! Its a big step for me I just can't do it easily.

There are things to do before I leave, one week is just not enough. Not at all!

I just want to spend Christmas with my Grandma and there is someone who is going to leave us soon and I want to be there on his last trip so.. :( 

I need this one more month at home.

Ugh...sorry for whining and being confusing here but I really had to write this down somewhere.

(On other notes. I thought this week will be free from work but no :/ I have to work three days and because my dog decided to be sick yesterday I had to stay at home with her. So now I work Tue-Thur and I might work on Sat too. Idk yet...but I need some rest and I planned to do stuffs but I can't like this...

I just feel dead tired. Especially today. Its only 10PM but I am going to bed and I can wake up around 4AM because I can't sleep well...nice)
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