Pin Up Camo Cutie Costume
  • Military Babe Adult Costume
    The perfect outfit to make men stand at attention. Have you ever wanted someone who would follow orders without any sort of resistance? Well, if so, the Military Babe Adult Costume is the perfect choice. Wearing this minxy outfit, you'll have every guy at the party obeying your command. Your loyal troops will be doing push-ups, getting you drinks, carrying your purse and makeup -- whatever special ops you want them to do. And there's no way you won't be saluted multiple times in this get-up. This is a uniform that will make any man surrender -- used wisely, it would be more effective in bringing peace to the world than any U.N. resolution. The criss-cross bullet romper with camouflage shorts and belt will get the attention of generals, politicians and party-goers alike. You don't find costumes of this caliber often. The bullet theme continues with the garter, which will have droves of men behind you in lockstep. The camouflage hat completes the outfit and gives you something to salute with if you feel the need. Includes: Romper, Garter, Hat and Belt. Does not include: shoes.
  • Retro Army Girl Adult Costume
    Let your commands be heard loud and clear in this sexy army girl costume. Even the most disobedient of the bunch are sure to obey your orders in this Retro Army Girl Adult Costume. Whether you are standing ready for duty or mingling, watchful eyes and ears stand ready for your next move. Classic yet commanding, dare anyone to say "no" to your orders this Halloween. This defiant outfit features a pin-up inspired dress in a flattering green tone. Gold star accents embellish the front of the costume, while red lines along the front and sides enhance your figure while adding to the charm of this costume. A matching jacket helps to complete the look. An accompanying hat, which also has gold star accents and red trim, lets everyone know that you mean business. Your wish is their command tonight in this vintage costume, so let your voice be heard over the crowds. Includes: dress, jacket, and hat. Does not include: shoes. This is an officially licensed Retro Army Girl costume.
  • Camouflage Party Costume
    Brand from Taiwan: Vanilla Sweet. Color: Camouflage, Materials: Cotton, Polyester, Size: One Size: Lower Bust: 81cm / 31.9", Total Length: 35cm / 13.8", Waist: 79cm / 31.1", Total Length: 36cm / 14.2", Care: Hand Wash
  • Pin Up Army Girl Adult Costume
    And oddly, enlistments have skyrocketed... Do your part to support the troops! In the Pin Up Army Girl Adult Costume, you're the sexy hometown darling they're out fighting for. Let 'em know from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli that you're the heart and soul of the stars and stripes! The troops will be lining up for inspection to make sure that uniform is regulation. This sexy pin-up costume updates a classic, vintage look. Whether you're waiting for that special soldier to come home or still looking for a good candidate to enlist, do it with style and enduring beauty. This bustier dress includes button and faux-pocket accents to imitate the look of a crisp dress uniform. Invisible straps make it seem like it's hanging on to your curves for dear life, making you into a true boogie woogie bugle babe! An epaulette shrug includes fringed accents, rank stripes, and gold button accents. Top it off with a vintage-style envelope hat, and you're ready to win some hearts! Includes: Dress/bow, shrug, straps, tie, and hat. Does not include stockings or shoes.
  • Leopard Print Corset Dress Party Costume
    Brand from China: Sexy Romantie. Color: Black, Materials: Acrylic + Polyurethane, Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, Care: Hand Wash
  • Sexy Camo Dress With Star Appliques
    Crawl to the next party like a soldier. No need to play hide and seek this Halloween to dress in this battledress. Have everyone salute you when you show up in this Sexy Camo Dress with Star Appliques, complete with knit dress with adjustable shoulder straps. Camouflage print stretch knit dress will have you look prepared for any battle that may come your way. Star appliques show your rankings of sexiness and awesomeness because you are one top general. Adjustable shoulder straps makes this dress super easy to wear and comfortable. Nothing is worse than a costume that doesn’t perfectly fit. Want to complete the look? We’ve got you covered with a plethora of accessories, including hats, jewelry and even shoes here at BuyCostumes! But wait, there is more fun to be had! Have your friends and family check out BuyCostumes for a wide variety of costumes and accessories that can be used for any occasion and worn by kids and adults of all ages! As we like to say, life is always better in costume! Includes: knit dress with adjustable shoulder straps. Does not include: hat, jewelry or boots.
  • Inflatable Adult Camosuit Costume
    Become one with Nature. No one will see you behind that bush. Put a smile on everyone’s face when you wear this Inflatable Camosuit Costume, complete with a camouflage costume that inflates with the included fan and battery pack. This costume also includes a matching hat. Take everyone by surprise in this inflatable camouflage costume. A mix of brown, green and gray makes you better at hiding than Big Foot. Blow up with the included fan and battery pack. Required batteries are not included. Matching hat gets you bumping with excitement. No one will be able to elude the ball of camouflage when you come rolling in this larger-than-life camosuit. One Size fits most adults so anyone can join the camouflage fun. This costume works with men and women so you can have a room full of inflatable camosuit costumes. Life’s better in costume! Here at BuyCostumes, you will find a wide range of costumes and accessories perfect for any holiday or special occasion for kids and adults of all ages. Includes: inflatable camouflage costume and hat. Does not include: batteries or shoes.
  • Victorian Doll Adult Costume
    A proper lady gives even creepiness tons of class! Stop the room cold with the Victorian Doll Adult Costume. This vintage look combines the lace and frills of that lush, romantic era with sexy modern sensibility and a touch of gothic mystery. Bring some naughty attitude to high tea or rule your midnight ball with style and grace! With this elegant and detailed dress, the devil is in the details. This jet-black mini-dress features a satiny finish and beautifully ruffled seams and embellishments. The button-up bodice features a low sweetheart neckline and splashes seductive black lace over exposed skin. Detached sleeves drape over your arms and add just the right touch of mystery. This costume is all about classy, stylish seduction. A black choker features a Victorian cameo design. A half-mask mimics a beautiful and creepy porcelain doll face. More lace and a mini top hat complement your elegant tresses, and a proper ladies' parasol made of (what else?) beautiful black lace perfect this alluring look. Includes: Dress, sleeves, choker, mask, hat, and parasol. Does not include stockings or shoes.
  • Striking Viking Adult Costume
    This valiant Valhalla vixen is ready for battle! It is not just your looks that make this outfit fit for one striking viking! You'll bring honor to your fellow strong Scandinavians with this sultry Striking Viking Adult Costume, showing off your curves AND your power. So before you set sail for your next far-off expedition, make sure you wreak a little havoc wherever you may go, make some new friends (or enemies), and turn a few heads along the way! This sexy Viking comes complete with a traditional character dress and a soft faux fur trim. The front of the dress includes a lace-up bodice with a slat-style skirt. Who says a warrior can't show some skin? Finish off your deadly look with black and gold army ties, perfect for the lady who likes to accessorize. And you certainly can't go show up to a fight without your traditional Viking-style helmet to protect yourself. Includes: Dress, Arm Ties, Leg Ties, Helmet. Does not include furry shin guards, weapon or shoes.
  • Sailor Pin-Up Adult Costume
    It's okay to curse like a sailor when you dress like one, too, right? Anchors away, boys! Transform yourself into a pin-up girl who's come to life when donning this sizzling Sailor Pin-Up Adult Costume. Get your sea legs ready because any ship captain loves a woman in uniform. Everything you need to transform into the sexiest sailor on deck is included with the Sailor Pin Up Adult Costume. The white, wiggle-style mini-dress is irresistible with its blue-and-white striped, layered skirt inset. The bow and anchor embellishments give this sweet costume that extra bit of nautical flair. Every sailor girl needs a hat, which is also included in the Sailor Pin Up Adult Costume. Don't forget to complete the look with the matching blue-and-white striped thigh-high stockings, held up by removable red garters. Includes: Dress, hat, stockings, garters. Does not include shoes. You can't help but make waves when cruising around a costume party in this sassy ensemble. You'll quickly become a favorite seafaring seductress.
  • Wartime Officer Female Adult Costume
    Get ready to enlist a battalion of supporters who wait for your commands when you show up in this sleek and sexy outfit. You will be the captain of the party, ready to defend the home front in this outfit that pays homage to wartime heroes. The Wartime Officer Female Adult Costume is just the right amount of sass meets class and sexy meets seriously charming. The flight line (or the line to get in the club) is yours to command as you march to the front. Don't take orders from those in lesser costumes and demand the surrender of all who oppose your fantastic look! It's the classic look we all know from movies about the exploits of women soldiers in wars of the past. The glamour look went far beyond the pin-up girls painted on the noses of B-17 bombers, with daring ladies ready to risk it all for their country. You will look sharp in any crowd when you sound party reveille and order all the privates under your command to have fun at will. Talk about a highly decorated officer! Includes jacket, shirt, tie, and hat. Does not include shirt and shoes.
  • Midnight Vampiress Adult (Plus) Costume
    This curvy menace is out for blood! This glamorous blood-sucker is all about beauty. The Midnight Vampiress uses all of her feminine wiles to transfix her prey before she goes in for the kill. This captivating creature of the night is not to be trifled with. In the Midnight Vampiress Adult (Plus) Costume you can show your feminine side and your scary side. This Halloween, you'll be vampire royalty. Thanks to your killer curves any mere mortals at the party will fall at your feet! The Midnight Vampiress rocks the afterlife with an ornate bodice featuring a heart-shaped, blood-red centerpiece with corset-style lace up detail, and a not-so-sweetheart neckline. It's surrounded by saucy black lace overlaid on a lighter opaque fabric. There's also a standup collar in matching blood red velvet. The Midnight Vampiress wears sheer black lace sleeves, which flare out at the wrist. This tempting ensemble also features a long black velvet skirt with above-the-knee slit. If you're going to have an eternal life you may as well spend your nights looking fierce! Includes: Dress. Does not include necklace or shoes.
  • Tavern Maiden Adult Costume
    Invite your fellow party-goers to come and see what's on tap while wearing this Tavern Maiden costume. As seen on the popular CBS TV show King of the Nerds, this Tavern Maiden Adult Costume will make for a great Halloween night all around. You know what they say: the promise of beer brings cheer! Don't worry, this costume will prove that saying to be true, that's for sure. You'll be the coolest person at the party with this outfit, accompanied by promises of alcohol. Everyone at your Halloween party will love the Tavern Maiden Adult costume--talk about being the life of the party. This outfit consists of an off-the-shoulder dress with a lace up bodice and a layered skirt. Also part of the get up is a coordinating belt, which will complete your alcohol serving style. It will be a good night for all involved, so get ready to drink up and celebrate Halloween night! Includes: dress and belt. Does not include wig, beer stein or boots. This is not an officially licensed costume.
  • Pin-up Captain Adult Costume
    Be the sassiest little sailor to sail the seven seas with this tantalizing, take-charge sailor suit. Classy Pin-up Captain Adult Costume? Yes, please. One look at this saucy little sailor suit and you won't simply have your deck hands hoisting the sails and swabbing the deck - they'll be filling your glass with a raise of your hand or the slightest hint of a smile. Take control of your next costume party -- you'll certainly have no trouble finding your crew. Land ho! Drop your anchors and make an entrance with the most stylish, yet seductive mini suit-dress you ever did see. Nautical style never made a bigger splash. You'll look like you stepped right off the pages of a naughty 1940s magazine with this sailor-style collar and flirty flared skirt. Channel your inner Vargas girl with the wide ribbon captain's hat, complete with dainty little bow. And would it really be a captain's dress without the white ribbon accents on the collar and skirt? Simply sensational. With a curve-caressing bodice and back-zip closure, you're sure to be the siren of the seas. Includes: Dress, hat. Does not include petticoat or shoes. As seen on the TBS show, King of the Nerds!
  • Trouble At School (Reversible) Adult Costume
    Pencils down, students. With the Trouble At School (Reversible) Adult Costume on, you're gonna want to make someone stay late after school. Very, very late! Specially designed to go from demure brainy beauty to sexy academic bombshell at the drop of a hat, you'll be the envy of everyone on campus. This costume goes for extra credit by giving you a complete ensemble full of surprises. A professional black blazer comes over what looks like a low neck white shirt. But as soon as class is over, the jacket opens to reveal a stretch knit tie front top. Your straight-laced teacher disguise also includes a reversible skirt, with a proper blue pinstripe on one side and a red plaid print on the other. Pick just the right moment to flip the script on your unsuspecting student body. A few special touches help you slip into your sexy new character. An apple pin and a name tag ("Teacher Miss Ivana Youngman") can be attached anywhere you like. A pair of costume glasses give you that studious, experienced look. Includes: Jacket, Shirt, Skirt, Name Badge, Hair Bows, Glasses. Does not include stockings or shoes.
  • Pin Up Sailor Adult Costume
    Ahoy there, sailor! Drive seafarers wild in this sassy nautical number. Are you nautical, or naughty? We's tough to choose just one, and thankfully the Pin Up Sailor Adult Costume allows you to be both at the same time. Pop open the sailor's rum and push the boat out for some sailor's mischief in an outfit that tells people you know just where you're sailing to. The costume includes all the vitals to ensure you sail smoothly into the night, though we bet it'll cause some onlookers to lose their sea legs when they see you walk by. We're sailing into unknown waters, we're three sheets to the wind, and we need all hands on deck! Prepare yourself with this costume, which features a knit and lycra romper with attached sailor collar, contrasting binding detail, cute button accents, and a removable bow with metal anchor charm. A removable navy sailor's cap completes the costume, but be on guard for those pesky jealous pirates. Includes: Romper/Bow, Hat. Does not include shoes.
  • Midnight Vampiress Adult Costume
    Get ready to bite some necks, or just rule the night in this stunning black, ultra feminine vampire costume. This sultry costume lets you show off both your sexy side and your elegant, ladylike side. With the Midnight Vampiress Adult Costume, you're sure to captivate your own Count Dracula, or just have the guys begging you to take a bite. Stalk your prey like a true night vixen in this full-length, burgundy-and-black velvet gown. The bodice features a lace overlay along the sides to enhance your curves, along with lace-up details for a perfect fit and slightly goth, sultry lace sleeves. The neckline features a high stand-up collar, and the floor-length skirt features a sexy slit to let you show off your legs. Includes: Dress. Does not include necklace or shoes. Pair with your favorite pretty pumps of beautiful boots. Get ready to kick it Transylvania style when you go out in the Midnight Vampiress Adult Costume. Take your your sexy Count Dracula along, clad in the Gothic Vampire Elite Collection Adult Costume for the perfect pairing.
  • Batgirl Adult Plus Costume
    Batman? Who needs him? With this stunning costume it would be a crime if Batgirl doesn't steal the show. This cute Batgirl Adult Plus Costume will make the criminals of Gotham City cringe in fear, while it makes your fellow partygoers Riddler-green with envy. Although the daughter of Police Commissioner Gordon may be a lesser known DC character, her outfit should draw enough attention to make you the star of the party. The shimmering black dress with its sexy leather look is designed to enhance your figure! Nothing says "superhero" like a matching cape. The bright yellow utility belt and bat symbol on the chest will erase any further doubts of your superhero status. Slip your legs into the shiny black boot tops to stomp on crime and wear the matching black glovelets so Batgirl doesn't need to get her hands dirty. Of course a black plastic mask is included to protect Batgirl's super-secret identity. Includes: Dress/Cape, Glovelets, Mask, Belt, Boot Tops. This is an officially licensed Batgirl costume. Available in Adult Plus Size: One Size Fits Most Adults.
  • Pin-up Captain Adult Plus Costume
    A woman knows the face of the man she loves like a sailor knows the open sea. - Honore de Balzac The sailor motif hits full mast in the Pin-up Captain Adult Plus Costume -- the perfect blend of sass and class. The signature sailor design is adapted to the mini suit-dress style, and the result is a look that will make her man think twice about setting sail without her. The image of his gal decked out in this sexy skirt will keep his eyes on the horizon and the wind at his back. The navy blue hue with the white trim and four-button midsection says that she is the captain of her destiny, yet up for just about anything. The flared skirt with the flirting lace detail will catch the wind in all the right ways. The one-piece dress has a flared collar with two lines of trim that come together in the back and close with a vertical zipper for a snug fit around the middle. The hat is white with a solid navy blue stripe. Includes: Dress, Hat. Does not include petticoat or shoes. As seen on the TBS show, King of the Nerds!
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Adult Costume
    This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Get ready to get your ghoulish charm on in Halloween Town. This Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Adult Costume will make you look just like the real Sally! Whether you're running away from Dr. Finklestein or stealing a kiss from Jack Skellington on Spiral Hill, you'll be the best ragdoll Halloween Town has ever seen. This comfortable costume is made from a blend of soft polyester and cotton fibers. Included with your purchase are a perfect replica patchwork print dress with a pink back, long red wig, and a pair of stitched gloves. Includes: Dress, Wig and Glovelettes. Does not include: Tights, Make-up or Boot Covers. This is an officially licensed DISNEY costume. Be sure to pick up a wig cap hair covering to put on your head under the wig to keep the wig in great condition for multiple uses throughout the years. The costume makes the perfect wardrobe choice for your next Halloween, Christmas, or any costume party. It also goes quite wonderfully with the authentic replica Jack Skellington costume for a great couple's theme.
  • Air Force Angel Adult Costume
    Attention! Make everyone stand and take notice when you take on the look of the toughest, yet sexiest of Air Force cadets. The Air Force Angel Costume will allow you to slip on base, or take someone home and slip into something more comfortable. Complete with an official looking Air Force jump suit, a cadet's hat and belt, you will have everything you need in order to make people salute as you walk on by. If you want to pull off the look of a four star general, then you are going to need to slip into this jumpsuit, hat and belt and start giving other people orders. The uniform soars with a jade button-down jumpsuit, hot red piping down the front and around the sleeves, air force patches, a double buckle belt, and a matching envelope hat. You can also add a piece here and there in order to really look like you just took a highway to the danger zone. It's bombs away with this bombshell attire! Includes: Jumpsuit, Hat, Belt. Does not include dog tags, gloves or shoes.
  • Mesmerizing Medusa Plus Size Adult Costume
    Turn mythical beings into reality. Get ready to turn everyone into stone. Look mystifying in this Mesmerizing Medusa Plus Size Adult Costume, complete with dress with Velcro closure, arm gauntlets and headpiece. Stun everyone like they are in statues in this sexy green dress. Sequin bodice with floral pattern will have you glowing like your eyes do. Skirt features uneven hemline for an earthly and sexy look. Sheer green and gold fabric ruffles down the skirt for a sultry effect. Dress features Velcro closure so it easy for you to put the dress on and feel secure wearing it. Matching arm gauntlets will have you looking magical. Sequins add bling as the sheer fabric dangles for an overall enchanted accessory. Snake themed headband makes you look like Medusa, herself. Green slithering snakes make this costume come to life as you grace Halloween in this sultry costume. Do you think life is better in costume? Because we definitely do! Check out BuyCostumes for a plethora of costumes and accessories for all occasions for kids and adults of all ages. Includes: dress with Velcro closure, arm gauntlets and headpiece. Does not include: shoes.
  • Candy Corn Adult Costume
    Show off your sweet side on Halloween with this irresistible candy corn costume. A blend of sexy and sweet makes this Candy Corn Adult Costume a must for any costume party or celebration. Yellow, black, and white colors not only enhance the outfit, but also make for an ideal autumn costume. Show them what you are made of with this favorite classic Halloween candy. Its delightfully sweet taste and traditional Halloween colors makes candy corn one of the most popular candies at any party. Let your sweet side shine through with this candy-inspired costume. A black corset dress with a back zipper closure makes a stylish and sexy statement. A white top along with orange and yellow trim along the skirt completes the look. Top it off with a matching candy corn witch hat and striped tights, which add a sexy and edgy look to the outfit. Watch them melt as you become the life of the party. Includes: dress, hat, and tights. Does not include shoes, broom, hair ties.
  • Double-Edged Diva Zorro Dress
    Wield your sword and channel the masked marauder this Halloween. Clever as a fox? Have some sweet fencing moves? Want to look like a sexy diva? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you know you want to dress up as the popular Zorro. Slash the letter “Z” wherever you go in this foxy Double-Edged Diva Zorro Dress from BuyCostumes, complete with black dress, cape, hat, mask and waist corset. Black stretch knit dress features ruffles along the bust and skirt for extra flair. You will look absolutely "foxy’ in this black dress. Faux-leather corset with sword detailing helps you play the part. Attached cape readies you for your crusade. You will love how the cape feels when flows behind you as you walk across the room. Accessorize with a hat and mask for the picture-perfect Zorro look. You will look mysterious and seductive as the guys and gals are tempted to remove your mask. Life’s better in costume! Check out BuyCostumes for a plethora of costumes and accessories for kids and adults of all ages. Includes: black dress, cape, hat, mask and waist corset. Does not include: sword, gloves, fishnet stockings or boots.
  • Saloon Girl Adult Costume
    Serve cowpokes and gunslingers their favorite libations in this fashionable and feathery delight. The saloon keepers of Dodge City or Tombstone would slither away in jealous repose if they saw this sexy and sassy outfit. The Saloon Girl Adult Costume will take you back to the dusty, dry streets of the Old West. The best part is, you don't have to get dirty (unless you want to!) and there's no need to ever be thirsty. If going out on the town is what the occasion calls for, round up your posse and head out to everyone's favorite watering hole to win the West all over again! This is the look that gets the looks, circa 1880! More than 100 years later, you will still garner plenty of attention in this fun-loving outfit that will make you the toast of the party! Coordinate your look to go with your favorite cowhand or play the field with cheeky elegance. Red sequins, a corset belt and sheer organza trim all say "I'm fun and flirty!" Includes: Headpiece, top, skirt, belt. Tights, choker, and shoes are not included.
  • Saloon Girl Adult Plus Costume
    The best of the Wild West has arrived! Picture yourself serving up sass and suds in the Saloon Girl Adult Plus costume. Keep all eyes on you! This dramatic style enhances your figure with its puffy sleeves and skirt while catching the eye with contrasting black organza and red sequins. This pretty costume will have you fending off thirsty cowboys before you can say "What'll it be, Tex?" This sultry costume is a perfect example of feminine, sexy, Wild West style and comes complete with a black and red puff-sleeved top with a matching corset belt and a full knee-length black skirt with red sequins and sheer organza trim, ready to be twirled around the saloon. Top off your look with a jaunty black feathered headpiece. Includes: Headpiece, Top, Skirt, Belt. Does not include tights, choker or shoes. Cowboys, saloons, and the wild west - The Saloon Girl Adult Plus costume provides everything you need (except the cowboy) to have fun playing the role of an old-time saloon girl.
  • Alice
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