I didn't really feel like making a set, but I wanted to do the tag, so yeah here we go.

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lα première pαrtie
1. You're on a safari, sightseeing and learning of this new culture, in an African savanna. You park underneath a tree to get a closer look at a boa in a tree--until you hear a disturbed growl from just feet away. A lion, crouched in a stance for attack, seems to glare at you with questioning eyes. What do you do?

I would probably get a heart attack and die xD

2. Have you ever written a story?

3. How do you feel about sci-fi shows/books?

Nope, don't like it.

4. Ring. Ring. Ring. "God lumpin'--" you rub your eyes as you're yanked from slumber by the sound of your cell phone, reaching for it with an annoyed desire for the noise to /just stop/. "Hello?" you groan. 
"(insert your name)? This is the president of the United States. We need your help."
Why do you think Obama called you?

He probably got the wrong number :)

5. Ever watched Glee?

Haha yes one episode. It sucked (sorry for all the Glee fans out there)

6. Ever read fanfiction?

HahAHa HaHahAhaHaHaHA yes

7. What are your feelings on abortion?

Well, I think everyone should decide for themselves if you want to keep 'it' or not. I don't think that should be anybody else's decision. 

8. Where's the furthest you've ever traveled from your current home?

The south of France.

9. What genre of music could you see yourself never ever ever listening to?

uhm rap, dubstep, r&b and all that stuff. I don't really listen to today's music tbh.

10. Describe your family in one word.


11. When was the last time you jumped on your bed?

Actually, I've never done that. My parents used to tell me not to when I was little..

lα deuxième pαrtie
1. Thought on Miley Cyrus' style?
I must admit that I like some of the stuff that I sometimes see her wearing, but I hate that she wears it, because I don't like her AT ALL

2. What do you usually have for breakfast?

2 sandwiches 

3. Are you obsessed with iPhone cases? If so, which is your favorite?

I don't have an iPhone, but if I did I would probably have something simple and basic, like just an all black one or something.

4. Favorite clothing brand?

Don't have a favorite clothing brand.

5. Lana del Rey or Marina and the Diamonds?

I don't know anything about Marina and the Diamonds, but Lana del Rey is kind of like my guilty pleasure, so I'll go with Lana.

6. Do you like any musical artists from your country?

Well, I like Within Temptation, Anouk and the Golden Earring.

7. Do you live in the city?

No, I live in a small town

8. Do you prefer buying clothes in famous clothing brands or unknown ones?

I prefer unknown ones, but if I like the clothing, it doesn't really matter if I buy it in a famous clothing brand or an unknown one.

9. Do you believe in the saying that ''Money is not the key to happiness''?

In general, I do. But of course there are a lot of poor and homeless people who would be A LOT happier if they had money to provide themselves with food and shelter. Even I could become a little happier if I had more money to do the things I want, but in the end, I think true happiness can only be achieved if you decide that you want to be happy. That you are able to accept things the way they are, even though things are not always how you want them to be, and also that you can see the beauty and happiness in little things.

10. Do you smoke?

No. Never did and not planning on ever doing it.

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