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This set is dedicate to my friend who died from breast cancer at age of 27 while she was pregnant with twins.:(
I was so angry on her.She find a lump, she didn't told anyone for months, she were ashamed./Shocking/ How could someone be ashamed of eventual sickness....
before she died she told me this: "If i were more responsible for my own health non of this would of happened".
So girls take her advise.
The early detection save lives.Make sure you're visiting doctor each year.At home every month do some self examination.After your monthly period check out after a shower for lump, abnormal thickening of the breast or a change in the shape or color of the breast.
Finding a lump or change in your breast does not necessarily mean you have breast cancer.But should visit a doctor immediately.
Especially young women you should not think I'm young doesn't effect me.NO.IT DOES.
Be alert.Be responsible.Stay alive.
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