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Research has come a long ways.
In the 1970's, I had a group of social friends that would meet on Friday night at the club to enjoy dancing.
A guy named Bobby had a huge crush on one of the girls, I can see her face in my mind, but cannot remember her name.
Well, poor Bobby's crush was not interested in him, she dated someone else instead.
Then, the shocking news arrived that she had breast cancer !
When that young, one would never even thinks of dying, let alone having an illness like that..our group of friends were in disbelief.
The girl's boyfriend ( remember they were very young ) decided he could not handle that type situation, so, Bobby stepped in. 
He loved her so much, and well, although she did not have a crush on Bobby, her love grew because he was there for her. If I remember correctly, she married Bobby at his insistence, so he could care for her.
Although young, Bobby had a very well paying job and could provide a haven for her, which he did.
He was by her side when she died.
I lost touch with all of those friends from long ago, and have wonderful happy memories of those times.
Even though this story has a sad ending, it has a loving memory for me, of a guy that loved a girl, no matter what.
Breast Cancer, time to get it wiped off the planet.
Too many people in my past are gone because of it. 
Pink is for everyone..those that have it, those that survived it, those that did not..and those that love the ones in the Pink, both past , present and future.
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