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  • Complete 50's Poodle Outfit Adult Pink
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    Complete 50's Poodle Outfit Adult Pink
    Pretty in pink poodles. Travel back in time and get down to the tunes of the sock hop in this beautiful and hip Complete 50's Poodle Outfit Adult Pink. Slip on your dancing shoes and dust off your clothes while you boogie the night away in your poodle skirt, button-up top and sassy pink scarf. Go from the modern and technology driven year of 2014 to the rad culture of the 1950s with ease when you go out as your favorite '50s ladies and bring a retro-cool factor to any Halloween or costume bash. Get ready to twist and shout in a costume that will have everyone wishing they could dance like you. From the elegant electric pink skirt with silver accents along the bottom to the black belt and the white blouse with a pink scarf, the Complete 50's Poodle Outfit Adult Pink comes with everything you need to be the best dressed pink lady at any get together. Includes: blouse, skirt, petticoat, scarf, stretch belt & stockings. Does not Include: glasses, shoes.
  • Blossom Southern Belle Adult Costume
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    Blossom Southern Belle Adult Costume
    Be the Belle of the Ball in this southern stunner! Are you playful and delicate enough to pull off the Blossom Southern Belle costume? Well... oh, who cares; this costume has enough charm to cover even the most graceless of drunken stupors. Brush up on your Southern accent and become a debutante in style with the stunning costume, which comes complete with a dress and a fancy hat to boot. Fill your glass with bourbon and have a good time; you're the charming star of the party who everybody wants to talk to and you're going be fending off those gentlemen callers all night long. The Southern Belle Costume is prim, proper, and a heavenly sight for sore eyes - just as every true Southern Belle should be. Featuring a stunning violet dress with light pink underskirt complete with matching corset belt and a large hat featuring ruffle trim and sheer ribbon wrap, the costume has everything but the honeysuckle accent to turn you into a true Lady Antebellum of the South. Includes: Dress, hat, corset belt. Does not include umbrella or gloves.
  • Rockford Peaches Adult Costume
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    Rockford Peaches Adult Costume
    She's a peach! There's no crying in baseball! Batting a line-drive has never been better than with this hard-hitting Rockford Peaches Adult Costume. This slugger features classic appeal and charm while scoring base hits and home runs all the way! Whether she's running bases or pitching a no-hitter, this lady is always on her game. Your Rockford Peaches Adult costume is a realistic replica of the original tunic dress worn by the all-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The dress is light pink, made of polyester and is hand-washable. The belt is salmon-colored and the hat is red with a matching logo. Includes: Dress, belt (42" long) and hat (Cir. 18-24"). Does not include: Stockings, shoes or bat. The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League existed from 1943 to 1954 as an effort to keep baseball in American hearts and minds during World War II. In that time, the Rockford Peaches secured four championship titles and managed to remain in their home city for the entire duration of the league. The popular movie, "A League of Their Own ," was based on the AAGPBL and is preserved in the United States National Film Registry for being a historically significant film.
  • Donkey Plush Adult Costume
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    Donkey Plush Adult Costume
    Now you're kicking it in style! Your mom always said you were stubborn like a mule? Or was it a donkey? Anyway, here's a chance to prove her right. This spunky donkey costume is the perfect outfit for attending the next Democrat Convention. Or you can simply be a negative Eeyore, spouting dreary comments at your next awesome Winnie the Pooh-themed party. Better yet, be Donkey from Shrek and find yourself a lady dragon at the next party. The choice is yours! Become Shrek's best friend with this fab grey and white donkey outfit, perfect for any costume party. The donkey headpiece has white eyes and expressive, curved black eyebrows. The large white and grey snout, grey and white ears, and a smiling pink mouth make this donkey more cheerful than usual. The matching jumpsuit is made out of 100 percent plush grey polyester fabric, with a large, white oval patch in the middle. To finish the look, this donkey costume also includes an attachable bushy brown tail, grey hand covers and matching shoe covers. Includes: jumpsuit and headpiece.
  • Pink Minnie Mouse Glam Plus Size Costume For Women
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    Pink Minnie Mouse Glam Plus Size Costume For Women
    Make no mistake: Minnie is her own boss Enter the fantastic world of Disney when you become the most iconic girl mouse in history. Minnie Mouse may act coy, but she knows her mouse, and she gets what she wants. She's every inch a lady but also a boss. Deck yourself out in this Pink Minnie Mouse Glam Plus Size Costume For Women, and go to Disneyland for a while. Includes: A pink polka dot dress with giant bow embellishment, and a mouse ear headpiece. Does not include: Shoes. Material: 100% polyester. This is an officially licensed Disney Minnie Mouse costume. Got a sweetie? Micky Mouse's love for Minnie is unwavering. She's his girl, and he's 100 percent loyal. Pair up with Mickey for a couples costume, and celebrate your special relationship with that special mouse. Bring along Donald Duck and the rest of the crew for a gathering of old school Disney fun. Minnie always has a suitor or two in the wings to keep Mickey on his toes. Don't let her sweet smile fool you; Minnie keeps the show going. Mouse mischief Create some mischief of your own when you mouse up as the fabulous Minnie and take the show by storm. She's an interesting character to study and interpret, and Mickey's antics help keep her focused. Get ready for a stroll down memory lane when you revisit this childhood icon and take her out on the town. Perfect for cosplay events, Halloween fun or for performance and creative storytelling any day of the year.
  • Women's Colonial Lady/Betsy Ross Costume
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    Women's Colonial Lady/Betsy Ross Costume
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    Find Costumes, Accessories and Props at! The Women's, Colonial Lady/Betsy Ross Costume is great for historical play or as a patriotic Halloween costume. This unique ensemble boasts a gorgeous floral gown and matching headpiece for a historically-accurate look. The fine attention to detail and vintage flag accessory add to the realism. Size: . Color: Pink. Gender: Female. Age Group: Adult. Pattern: Floral.
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