This is a beauty and fashion tag started by @natalie-chanel-couture, you answer all the survey questions, then tag at the end, and i got tagged in it, so here are my answers to the survey questions :)

Name?-Sadie James 
Wearing right now?-Hollister sweats and a kimono shirt from H&M
Fave season to shop for?-Fall! :)
Opinion on online shopping?-Fun but time-consuming. 
Do you shop clearance?-Heck Yeah! ;p
Best sale item you bought?-$4 prom dress from JCpenny.
Fave place to shop?-Delia's :)
Describe your style?-Preppy and feminine 
Most worn item in closet?-Miss Me jeans
Fave top?-Structured crop tank from Delia's
Favorite Sweater?-Catalina Island sweater :)
Favorite jeans?-My Miss Me's :)
Fave Dress?-light purple ruffled high-low
Favorite purse?-Hand me down Prada from my aunt 
Best deal you have gotten on a purse?-$25 Steve madden cross-body
Fave Accessory?- Starfish necklace from Aruba :)
Most worn accessory?-(above)
Most expensive accessory you've received?-Juicy Couture charm bracelet.
Most worn bag/purse?-My Prada bag
If you had $5,000 to spend on one item what would it be?-A ticket for a Caribbean cruise :)
Do you shop at Walmart/Target?-Occasionally, but never for clothes at walmart. 
Do you buy full price or sale?-Depends on how much money i have.
What do you think about thrifting?-Overrated
Do you have any knockoffs, be honest?-Yes, one coach bag from Curacao
Most expensive article of clothing you've ever gotten?-Ralph Lauren jeans
Any hand-me-downs?-Of course! 
What does you winter coat look like?- A Peacoat 
Online shopping vs. In store?-In store
Favorite beauty product overall?-bareMinerals foundation. 
Most worn eyeshadow? Smokey amber 
Most worn lip products? E.o.s. lip balms
Fave makeup brand?-bareMinerals!! :)
M.a.c vs. regular cheap makeup?-M.a.c
Worst skincare product you've used? Clean&clear moisturizer
What soap do you use?-IDK
What shampoo do you use?-Whatever my mom buys
Favorite make-up looks?-Brown smokey eye
Eyeliner or mascara?-Mascara
Most expensive skincare product you've used?-Pro Active
Favorite nail polish?-Anything by Essie! :)
Regular nails VS gel nails?-I don't need gel nails, so reg.
Fave foundation or blush?-Miracle by bareMinerals
How many times do you shampoo your hair a week?-Five
Do you go to the salon?My mom's a beautician so no. 
Describe a bad hair day you've had? Flat, dry hair after swimming the night before. 
What hairspray do you use?-Herbal Essences
Baths or showers?-Showers!
Waxing?-A must!
Are looks important to you?-yes
Best compliment you've gotten?-A job offer at Hollister Co. 
Do you go shopping with mom or friends?-Both
Dream OOTD?-IDK what this means. 
Tags!-if you didn't want to be tagged just don't do the survey, only do this if you actually want to. It takes a while. 

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