I'm sorry this is a horribly crappy set.
I'm v sad over a boy. 
Especially since he has problems with drugs and stuff, ugh I just need him to be okay. The title is one of the last things he said to me, oh man.
Also, I attempted to write a poem and failed horribly. I haven't even edited it so the grammar and everything sucks, blegh.


you said that you’d protect me from anything
but you shouldn’t have said that
the thing is
you can’t protect me from anything
at all.
you can’t protect me from my screaming mother,
or my tempered father,
or my malevolent friends.
you can’t protect me from my taunting mind,
my lustrous blade
forming scarlet rows on my skin.
you can’t protect me from the howling wind
or the burning sun.
you know nothing but a name,
and a face,
and a secret or two.
but you don’t know me,
and i certainly don’t know you.
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