Credit to the papermama.

This is my second tip I'm so excited. I saw this hair idea on Pinterest. But she didn't write down how to do it. I tried it out and it's not as hard as it seem. All you need is bobby pins, really. So lets get started c:

What You'll Need;
-Plenty of bobby pins
-Hair Straightener (optional)
-Hairspray or sea-salt water mixture (optional)

01.So first of, dry, second day hair would work best with this style. 
 If you want to straighten it before, you can.

02.Divide hair down the middle into 2 sections.
 Twist one of the sections into a curl.

03.Twist the curl into a bun. Keep twisting until there is no more of the curl left. Pull a few strands out to make it even better.

04.Pin the bun you just made. Stretch the bun out.It's ok if it looks a little messy,it doesn't have to be completely neat.

05.Take the other section you divided, and twist into a curl, just like Step 2. When it's done, it shouldn't look like 2 separate buns, but just one do.

06.Twist the curl into another bun, close to the first bun you made.

07.Pin the bun, making sure to pin hair from the second bun to the first one, to make it look complete. Pull a few strands out, if needed.

08.You can use hairspay or a sea salt-water mixture (if you want some texture to it), to keep it in place.

09.If you have bangs, you can leave them or what I do is I braid them and pin it back.

And that's it ♥ Msg me if you have any questions !

xox, Sandra
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