College wouldn’t be complete without at least one crazy fraternity party. Tonight won’t be any different. One of the school’s top party dorms is holding the first keg party of the year. We’ll be heading to the dock area, where all administration faculty have never checked in years. Get ready for a long and wicked party. Complete with a DJ, and even maybe some fist pumping, who knows? Make sure to warn your roommates though, you might never know where you’ll meet your mister right. Or end up getting drunk. 

If the people in Canada could see me now. When I was in Canada going to a public school people called me the Human Calculator because I was good at math, excelled in my studies, and tried to do well in school. My friends all started to disapper and stopped hanging out with me. I bet no one there would think I would one day be going to a dorm party.

Here I am. In London, England and as a freshmen attending a dorm party within the first week of being at University. I smiled at the thought and how much I have changed. Though I still am smart and excel at my studies, I know don't lose friends due to that and still have time to have fun.

As I made my way to the dock area, I smiled and waved to the multiple people I knew and recognized. Once I reached the destination I was surprised how no one knew of this place - there were kegs everywhere, a DJ, and the students all dancing along to the music. 

I went over to a keg where someone was filling up drink and passing them on, and grabbed myself a drink. Whilst sipping from the frosty beer, I took a look around hoping to find someone to talk to.

"Jessica!" A voice called from behind me, when I turned to see who it was I was meet the blueish grey eyes of Grayson, the boy I had meet the day before.

"Hello Grayson." I said smiling, giddy inside that he remembered me.

"I want you to meet someone, follow me." He said walking off but turned back to make sure I was following, and I was. At first I was unsure to follow him because the way he said it made me think he was going to introduce me to his girlfriend but as we passed a group of giggling girls, I noticed a tall man with red/orange hair rather than a girl.

"Jessica, I would like to introduce you to Prince Harry." Grayson said once he patted the tall man with the famously recognized hair and he turned to face us. "Harry here is the brother of my best friend, Prince William."

"Hello," I muttered in awe because never in my life did I think I was going to meet one of the Princes, "I am Jessica Knight." I said smiling, placing my hand out to shake his own. 

"Hello, Jessica." The Prince said in his accent. While I wasn't one of those fan girls, I never imagined. "Well, it was nice to meet you."

"You as well." I said smiling. I then watched the Prince walk off to another group of people talking. I looked over and Grayson who was smirking.

"Never thought that day would happen did you?" He asked laughing a little, I joined in with his laughter then took a sip of my drink.

"Wait, did you mention that your best friend is Prince William?" I asked remembering the introduction.

"I did." He said then took a sip of his drink.

"Are you trying to impress me with your connection?" I asked with a small smirk as I pulled my large cardigan closer to my body when the breeze rolled into the dock area. 

"Nope, being friendly and introducing my friends to my bother friends." He said with a little smirk, and I laughed after his comment adding a smile with it. 

"Well I gotta go, I said I would only stay and have a drink." I said showing him my empty cup.

"I guess I will see you later." Grayson added as I walked off, backwards so I could also bid an adieu. 

Well Grayson said we were friends, which I could handle. I did want to focus on my studies for a time before I started to date or think about dating anyone. Anyways if I were friends with him that would mean spending more time with him.

x, Jess

[NOTE: sorry i am behind where i was this weekend had no internet so i am catching up!]
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