a - available - you bet!

b - birthday - april

c - crushing on - oh....ummm..definitely crushing!

d - drink you last had - Arizona lemonade! 

e - easiest person to talk to - @faithleanne and @roseweasleydaughterorathena

f - favorite song - I have too many!!!!

g - gummy bears or gummy worms - the worms are where it's at!! Lol

h - hometown - ill give you a hint: it's in the U.S. 

i - in love with - one of my favorite characters, leo "flaming" valdez *sigh*

j - favorite joke - idk

k - killed someone - who do you think I am people?!!!!

l - longest car ride - I lost count after 15 hours -.-

m - milkshake flavor - strawberry :) yummmm

n - number of siblings - 1

o - one wish - to go to Greece and Rome :)

p - people person? - once I get to know you, I'll never shut up ;)

q - favorite quote - "and what may seem to be a series of unfortunate events may, in fact, be the beginning of a journey." -unknown

r - reason to smile - to spread the joy!!

s - song you last sang - Hey soul sister by train

t - time you woke up - 7:15 DX

u - underwear color - sorry to disappoint, but NOT GONNA HAPPEN. 

v - vegetable - me no like veggies!

w - worst habit - procrastinating 

x - rays - teeth. That's it. 

y - years living where you live - all 13 of them!

z - zodiac sign - Taurus. I think. 

Favorite animal: otters. or dogs. 

What color do you wear the most: gray or blue 

Least favorite color: yellow. I look horrid in it. 

What are you listening to: not gonna get specific, but my music. 

Do you believe in miracles: oh definitely!

Do you believe in magic: umm..no...

Love at first sight: kinda.

Do you believe in Santa: no.....

Do you like roller coasters: YES

Have you ever been on a plane: yup!

Have you ever been to the ocean: I'm vacationing there right now!!

What was the last thing you bought: a red shirt 

Do you cry when you get an injury: if it hurts a lot

Do songs make you cry: well there is this one song.... ;(

Are you a happy person: yep!

What is your current hair color: light blonde <3

Eye color: dark brown with gold :)

Height: around 5'2". That's right. I'm short. 

Now who to tag.....
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