People say 2012 is the end of the world.
To be precise 12.12.12 
Question is, why am I still here?
NASA informed that its impossible.

I shouldn't be talking about armageddon
My first chapter shouldn't start with life ending,
for everyone...

Its raining outside.
I watched the heavy drops of rainfall, 
my head against the cool window as I twisted my fingers around the soft curtains. 

I continued to seat on the window seat,
now humming a nursery rhyme from one of Aidan's baby toys.

Just then, I heard movements and a familiar sound of cane tapping from behind.
Harry now stood against the door frame, 
his dark brownish hair tousled messy. 

"Good morning," he smiled. 

I drew out a grin. "Morning."

"What time is your meeting?"

"In a few hours..." I told him and stood. 

He nodded and as if on cue, opened his arm out.
I let out a tsk. 
And then smiled before letting him to hug me.
I needed it.

"You'll do great," he whispered and patted my head lightly.


Fashionable late entrance.
I chanted to myself.
At least I didn't look crap.
Unless they can't appreciate my gorgeous Balmain.

I slipped out of the trench coat,
smoothing the wrinkles on the said Balmain jacket I had on. 

Note to self, buy some gorgeous stuff for Maya for making me wear a trench coat.

If I kept stubborn, the heavy downpour of rain would have probably ruin my perfect assemble. 
But on a bright note,
the rain stopped and there goes the thunder as well.

"You're late," My mother, Georgiana Wallace - yes, that kick a.ss designer is my mum. 

"Mother," I greeted and shoved my coat to her assistant. "Why are you here?" I asked her and turned to the assistant. "Dry clean, send it to my home by tomorrow, thanks..." I said and turned back to my mother. "You're not part of the show are you?" I finally questioned in horror.

She rolled her eyes. "I miss you too, pippa."

I scoffed. "Mother, you can't ruin my chance!"

"Philippa, I'm here to check on the commercial they're doing for my line not to ruin your life," she said with a sigh. "Though I am tempted to watch the meeting which will start in less than ten minutes..." she said with a teasing smirk.

I cast an annoyed look at her. 
"Mum, just get back to whatever you're doing before..."

"Fine," she said and started to walk off, until she stopped again, turning her head with a grin. "The judges, they're..."

"Your friends? Who is it now, Karl Lagerfeld?"

She chuckled, shaking her head. "No, but you know them. Well, very well," she said and walked off. 
I swear she has horns hidden under her curls.


"Unbelievable," I muttered. 
This isn't a dream come true at all.
Not even the least.
"Someone up there hates me."

"I'm pretty sure its your dead grandmother, she was creepy," Calvin said.
Yes, Calvin Alonso who is wearing a fab assemble complete with his signature bowtie.

"Why, why are you even here?" I questioned.
Life sucks. 
Why can't my mother be friends with nobodies?
Makes my life less complicated.

He raised an eyebrow at me. 
"Because I'm the judge?" he said as if its the most innocent thing to say in the world.
Well yeah, maybe it does.
"I'm going to be a kick a.ss judge, but that doesn't mean I'll be extra kind to you though." 

I rolled my eyes. "Please, don't."

"Did you meet Ann and Carrie?"

I stared at him in horror. "Don't tell me..." 

He grinned. "They're judges too!"

I think the people might be true.
It must be the end of the world today.
It has too.

"You should mingle," Calvin told me. "A few of them are friend worthy."

"As you know, I'm pretty bad with the term making friends," I said and looked at him. "You weren't the ones who picked me right?"

He chuckled. 
"Kid, I'm the judge not the producer. They pick you."

I nodded.
Calvin is the honest type.
Which is going to be nerve wrecking when it comes to judging.

"Pips, you'll do great," Calvin said and patted my shoulder.
"I should be talking with the others now, enjoy the meeting, kiddo," he grinned and walked off with a wink.


"Of course my mother would show up," I muttered.
She actually showed up and exchange kisses with the judges.

"Is your mother part of the show?" a voice asked from beside me.

I flinched. 
"No, at least I hope not."
I stared at the girl besides me. 
Alexander Wang shirt dress and a gorgeous Tory Burch.
"Not fond of your mother? Me either my mum is a complete b.tch."

Weird way of starting a conversation.
But it'll do right now.

"Umm, okay. I am Pippa," I introduced myself.
"Okay I'm gonna call you Pip," She said.

I burrowed my eyebrows. 
That wasn't the first.
But it really sounded like a bird's name.

"Ah? Pippa," she added and then continued, "Rachel. Are you part of the show?" 

I wish I wasn't now.
"Me too, surprise!" 
She didn't look too cheery though.
It was meant to be a happy surprise wasn't it?
"Nervous?" I asked, staring down at her fingers.
Fidgeting and twisting.
Yeap, definitely nervous.
"I guess," she said with a shrug. "But they picked me for a reason right?"
"Do you know who the judges are?"
She snorted. 
It is either she knows, 
and I asked her a stupid question, or
she doesn't care.

"Do you?" she asked back.
"Yeah," I pointed to Ann, who was chatting with a girl. A contestant probably. "Well, there is one now."
"Oh yeah. Isn't that the one that is married to the footballer."
"No she is married to a soccer player," I replied and felt stupid.
Football is soccer, no?

"Well, I call soccer football you know since they actually play with it their feet."
"And thats the next judge," I pointed to Calvin.
"He is cool. I like his bowtie." She nodded and looked at me, "What bowties are cool."
"And the last judge is her," nudging my chin towards Carrie. 

"Oh she is from fashion police I love that show and my roommate loves her dads band despite them sounding like cats wailing." 
"You are weird," I blurted.
"At least, I don't share a name with Kate Middleton's sister," she instantly replied. "Sorry that was rude, I am not rude just awkward and you called me weird so should apologise as well."
"But you are weird not in a bad way."
"Still not a complement but I will take it."

It ended with her waving and walking off.
I need friendly skill from Harry.
Or I'll be dead before this show even starts.

-dont mind the suck a.ss story. im trying to regain my old skill back. feel free to include miss wallace!

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