Plaid Leggings Gray - YesStyle Z
  • Elastic-Waist Plaid Leggings Red
    Brand from Hong Kong: YesStyle Z. Color: Red, Materials: Spandex, Polyester, Size: One Size Product Measurements: Waist: 62-92cm, Hips: 84-110cm, Front Crotch: 26cm, Thigh: 44-60cm, Hem: 22cm, Total Length: 99cm, Care: N/A
  • Inset Plaid Skirt Leggings
    With a plaid skirt meant to look like a shirt tied around the waist, these inset skirt leggings are perfect for those hosting their own 90s revival. The draped skirt adds movement, and the cotton finish effortlessly moves through transitional seasons. Make it a 90s look from top to bottom with a beanie, a ripped, oversized white tee, and Dr. Martens. Color: Black, Gray, Materials: Cotton, Size: One Size: Waist: 56cm / 22", Hips: 58cm / 22.8", Thigh: 34cm / 13.4", Cuff Width: 8cm / 3.1", Total Length: 95cm / 37.4", Crotch Length: 25cm / 9.8", Care: Hand Wash, Machine Wash
  • Plaid-Check Surf Leggings
    Brand from South Korea: WITH IPUN. Color: Sky Blue, Black, Materials: Polyester, Size: Product Measurements: One Size: Waist 56cm(Elasticized Band), Hips 71cm, Waist to Crotch 24cm, Total Length 92.5cm, Care: Dry Clean
  • Plaid Leggings
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    Brand from Taiwan: MODE C.. Color: Black / White, Materials: Cotton 65% / Tetoron35%, Size: One Size Total Length 85 cm Waist 60-76 cm Hips 66 cm Crotch 24 cm Crotch 28 cm Thigh 18 cm Hem Width 11 cm, Care: Machine Wash with Laundry Bag, Dry Cleaning, Handwash, Inside out
  • Plaid Leggings
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    Brand from Taiwan: Life 8. Color: Black / Blue, Materials: 75% Cotton+20% Tetoron+5% Jersey, Size: S Waist: 56 cm / Total Length: 90 cm / Crotch: 20 cm / Hips: 74 cm Thigh Width: 20 cm / Hem Width: 11.5 cm M Waist: 62 cm / Total Length: 91 cm / Crotch: 21 cm / Hips: 78 cm Thigh Width: 21 cm / Hem Width: 12.5 cm L Waist: 66 cm / Total Length: 92 cm / Crotch: 22 cm / Hips: 82 cm Thigh Width: 22 cm / Hem Width: 13.5 cm XL Waist: 70 cm / Total Length: 93 cm / Crotch: 22 cm / Hips: 86 cm Thigh Width: 23 cm / Hem Width: 14.5 cm, Care: Machine Wash with Laundry Bag Dry Cleaning Handwash Inside out