At left: A model for an exterior of an Acielle et Lacie boutique. The banners above the door have been redesigned, now featuring my own imaginary label LULA and gladiators. This is now in its 16th version. In this imaginary Acielle et Lacie world, [LULA has over 30 silk One Direction tee shirt designs: new ones come in from fans all the time] This set began as a study for a United Colors of Polyvore contest and morphed into a color study. And I love finding the $800 YSL blouse.In the12th version, I added a symbolic element and redid the field of Louboutins, a row of them leading off to who knows where. I like working in the field of louboutins. I have worked with them before, such as a set, " attack of the louboutins" featuring some wonderful art student found photos. This was in fact the last of my Drafts New Year's Eve cleanout. I think there are 50 there again. I have thought of , publishing them all and then doing something else for the rest of the year, such as going to the library again. I have worked my way through the home furnishings and design section. Drawing is next: I have some wonderful 'museum gift shop' collections at home, and I do manage to doodle and scribble now and then. I wish I could share the Drafts folder: it would be nice to have that 'in between' dimension so I could get some help with a few things from the "big girls" and super designers around. 
VER 2 1 12 4 Dedicated to
for liking 735 sets. Dear, I must learn Portuguese to tell you heartfully enough how I felt.
@ema-842 for endeavoring to like every set too
There is just really no way to thank you for your interest and patience as your explore deep into the aciellelacie world. 
@anne-977, for your wonderful designs
Thinking of all of you you too, for your support, the many notes, emails, PMs, plans, laughs and sharing. 
version 4
ver 5
ver 6
ver 7
ver 8
ver 9
Restores store front, redesigns it;
develops the field of Louboutins more;
restores the plaid garments to view; 
6 15 14
49 items
6 15 14 limit restricts storefront
ver 10 adds Marc jacobs skirt
7 9 14
#marcjacobs #harrods
#zanotti #louboutin #ysl #laurent
Ver 12 8 30 14
#westwood #silk
Ver 13 10 3 14
Banners are changed above the boutique;
shoes are enlarged and brought forward
The YSL banner is retired at left
ver 1 4 10 12 14
Reduced set to 46 items enlarged some photos
ver 15 ll 10 14
Rearranged some photos
vdf 16 3 16 15
Eliminated some pieces, added
a new purse
ver 17 6 26 15
Enlarged banners, 'picture of the store some other elements
ver 18 8.915
Enlarge 'Acielle et Lacie' store photo more, brought objects forward and enlarged them, likewise enlarged the field of Louboutins and that area, the mysterious figure in the field with a basket full of heels, and holding another aloft to provide the light to guide her. 
for being such a friend
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