plans for the year. 2013.

not very exciting, but if i get all that done, i'll be pretty happy i think. just as long as i move out and get my parents off my fucking back! thats all i really care about right now. i just gotta do shit before i can move out. but ive started college now and looking for another job, so hopefully all this will get done soon.
  • Students
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    "get my diploma in december.
    will be getting advanced with honors.
    my class graduates in may of 2013 but im doing this thing where you can get it early. soo fuck yeah i wanna get out of high school 5 months sooner.
    CHECK. fuckingg DONE with high school helll yeah!" — @ashleyy402
  • Caroline Acton Oral Surgery - Impacted Wisdom Teeth
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    "i will be getting my wisdom teeth cut out in december. the day im supposed to be getting my diploma. cool.
    DELAYED. went for a check up and the surgeon said they werent quite ready." — @ashleyy402
  • Apple introduces MacBook Air
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    "finally get a laptop. which will be my graduation present from my parents.
    CHECK, but decided to get a tablet instead." — @ashleyy402
    MacBook Air is Apple's newest laptop, and it's the thinnest laptop ever.
  • Modern Italian contemporary designer Tai Wood Executive Office Desk by Uffix
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    "get another job.
    i work at my church nursery now, i get about 180$ a month. so i need something else if i wanna move out.
    CHECK, only 2 days but it helps" — @ashleyy402
    Modern Contemporary Designer Tai Wood Executive Office Desk by Uffix
  • For the Home
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    "make/save money. gonna need a bunchhh for rent, bills, groceries, gas, etc.
    Saving in process." — @ashleyy402
    50 Money Saving Tips
  • Mead Square Deal Fashion Composition Book, 100-Count, Wide Rule, Purple (72247)
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    "sign up/take classes.
    gonna be going to our community college, which is unfortunately about 2 minutes away from my house, and right across the street from the high school. what a change.
    CHECK, first semester: online class intro, orientation, english 101, and accounting. monndays and wednesdays at 9:30 and 11am. hell yeah." — @ashleyy402
    Keep your work together with a Mead composition book. These traditional books feature secure sewn binding that will keep all your work in place. Sturdy covers protect the pages and hold up over the course of the school year. Inside the covers students can fill in their class schedule as well as reference multiplication tables, conversion table, and grammar tips for quick fact-checking. School supplies don't get more classic than this. 100ct, college ruled. Durable poly cover to last all year. Available in 6 different colors. 100ct, college ruled. Durable poly cover to last all year. Available in 3 designs. 100ct, wide ruled. Doodle designs offer new ways to personalize. Available in 3 designs. 80ct, wide ruled. Go to school with Justin! Available in 6 designs. Printed with primary ruled lines for alphabet writing practice. Red baseline increases writing legibility by cuing children where to place their letters. Conforms to most popular handwriting methods. Product Features Color Name: Purple 100 sheets of double-sided, wide ruled paper. Secure sewn binding. Durable cover. Class schedule, math and grammar reference inside. Assorted colors.
  • MA Shiny Cap Gown Tassel Hood
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    "go back to the high school January 12th to take my cap and gown pictures. too excited about that. :/
    CHECK." — @ashleyy402
    Graduation robes, robes, grad robes, grad robe, gradaution robes, graduation robe, robes graduation
  • ashleyy402
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    "get my skin cleared up! just started taking pills and using a certain face wash and cream yesterday thats supposed to CURE acne!" — @ashleyy402
  • Dorm Room Before After
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    "move out.
    ANYWHERE. gotta get out of the house and lose my lame asss curfew. me and emily are gonna get an apartment, THIS YEAR.
    my sister is moving into a 4 bedroom house this month & once i get my job, im outttt! :D" — @ashleyy402
  • The ▲mazing Miss Romantic
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    "eat healthier! and stop eating out so much." — @ashleyy402
  • clipped by samanthalovesyou
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    "be more active! ride bikes, walk, run, play wii fit, go to the gym. anythinggg." — @ashleyy402
  • We Heart It
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    "PARTY all day, party all night!
    cant fucking wait." — @ashleyy402
    Tumblr :: tumblr_lbltmgb8pW1qbchzvo1_500.jpg image by viktor_hdgirls - Photobucket on We Heart It
  • Posters Graduation 2010 Myspace Graphics
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    even though ill be getting my diploma early i still have to walk and attend the ceremony in may. how fun.
    CHECK! Cant believe its over" — @ashleyy402
  • Mac Miller pictures – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats, & pictures at
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    "go to a Mac Miller concert! i looove him omfg, TOO cute!" — @ashleyy402
  • Saga cruises Roast beef and a pirate chaser
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    "senior trip! we're going on a cruiseee, me and emily are going with my parents, how fun. but were gonna have our own room and we dont have to see them or anything.
    CHECK" — @ashleyy402
    Somali pirates picked the wrong victims when they chased a Saga cruises ship,
    says Emma Soames.
  • Bucket List
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    "and get fuuucked up! lmao" — @ashleyy402
    Before i die
  • Your Bucket List.
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    "i just wanna go to the beach or something with friends, stay out and party all night and go to clubs and shiitt :D just for like a weekend or something" — @ashleyy402
    Send your requests here. adventure animals body mods family fashion fitness food friends jobs kiss...

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