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  • Bonsai - Juniper Fan Style Bonsai Tree from  With the usage of proper tools, and wires the Juniper's branches are easy to train into a gorgeous windswept silhouette to match the stylish fan bridge pot. Junipers are easily trainable & hardy
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    Juniper bonsai trees have always been the most commonly associated subject of bonsai trees. The juniper bonsai tree's bushy style along with flexible trunk makes the bonsai tree very easy to train and shape with wiring. Junipers add style and tranquility.
  • Nearly Natural Cedar Bonsai Tree 36 in
    This mesmerizing three foot tall Cedar bonsai makes a wonderful addition to any home, office, or business décor. Experience the beautifully handcrafted artwork of an authentic looking tree without all the effort. With lush green leaves and a highly detailed trunk, this tree is sure to leave a lasting impression on guests.
  • IKEA Fejka
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    Diameter of plant pot: 4 " Height: 11 " Diameter of plant pot: 10 cm. Height: 28 cm. Lifelike artificial plant that remains looking fresh year after year. Perfect if you can't have a live plant, but still want to enjoy the beauty of nature. Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Polypropylene, Polyethylene.
  • Nearly Natural Cedar Bonsai Tree 16 in
    At 16 inches tall, this Cedar bonsai adds a soft touch of elegance to any room. Both the delicately crafted leaf pattern and the carefully designed branches make this tree a popular gift item for any occasion. Encased in a circular container filled with artificial soil, this bonsai tree provides a sense of peace and tranquility to your home or office area.
  • Crate & Barrel Potted Artificial Moss
    Spring sprigs in verdant green add fresh colors and lush textures to shelf or tabletop. Cluster in groups or array in a row for added impact. Chunky white stoneware base adds to its own charm.
  • Pier 1 Imports Faux Succulent Mix in Ceramic Frog
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    Whether it's a leap year or not, it's always the season to jump for joy at the sight of mini-suculents. Cracked mossy finish over ceramic works in every room of the house. Green. 4.50"W x 6"D x 4.75"H. Ceramic, PVC, metal, polystyrene foam.
  • Pier 1 Imports Faux Eucalyptus Stem
    Pier1 Faux Eucalyptus Stem - Brown. Use this exotic stem as an attractive filler for floral arrangements. Or display stems singly or in clusters on their own. You'll find dozens of decorative uses for this versatile imposter..
  • Pier 1 Imports Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant
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    Handsome, substantial and unrepentantly dramatic, our faux fiddle leaf is ready to bring new life to any corner, hearth or tabletop in your home. Such lush foliage never goes out of style, and offers unending ways to fiddle about with your decor. Green. 12"Dia x 20"H. Polyester, terracotta, plastic, metal, latex foam.
  • Authentics - Urban Garden Plantbags S3
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    Urban Garden is the innovative planting system from Authentics! The Pflanztasche (plants-bag) from the Urban Garden series from Authentics offers space for three different plants side by side. The bags are fixed on a metal frame and they can be positioned in a line or a circle if required. The ensemble is perfectly suitable for windowsills or as a table top for decorative flowers or fresh herbs. Besides these characteristics, the plant bags S3 possess the advantages of the Urban Garden Series: Urban Garden emerged from the discontent with the available alternatives of the “room-greening”. Therefore the multiple awarded French designer and architect Patrick Nadeau designed this completely new textile plant-system for Authentics. It unifies the vantages of the hydroponics and the conventional ground-planting. The flexible bags and sacks of coated textile fabrics are robust and functional, they are carefree and they guarantee a long-term watering for all conventional plants with a surprisingly new design at the same time. The bags from Urban Garden consist of a robust textile outer coating and a waterproofed interior bag with integrated drainage nonwoven geotextile. The interior bag is filled with granulated clay. The nonwoven geotextile fleece chamber absorbs the plant together with its seedlings. The planted interior bag is inserted in the textiles cover. This makes Urban Garden suitable for all Indoor-plants like kitchen herbs, flowers and room-plants – also those that have already been in conventional soil. The main advantage of this kind of long-term watering is the maintenance of the plants; it is comfortable and much cleaner. The granulated clay stores the water while the nonwoven geotextile avoids waterlogging. A water gauge is included in the delivery package of every plant-bag. Moreover Urban Garden doesn’t need planters or coasters and with the welded interior and outer bag, there is no possibility for the water to leakage.
  • Charles & Marie - Park Planter
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    The most interesting people and scenarios are often seen in parks. Inspired by this colourful mixture, the designer Tristan Zimmermann created a flowerpot that copies those scenes in miniature formats. Inspired by the thought of a Bonsai, the Park Planter should transform every room-plant into a great tree. The plant becomes the background of a city park scene, as it is experienced in every metropolis every day. Every Park Planter set includes a coaster, a flowerpot and two divided covers – one side soft and the other one with the park scenario. It is made out of white porcelain, filigree and representing every detail. There are also further interesting shapes available, such as the “Lost salesman”, the “Flasher”, the “Mugger”, the “Bird Feeder” and the not so youth-free “Gay couple” – a lot of things that might come up when the sun goes down and you're not supposed to play in the park any more. The whole flowerpot measures 16.5 x 16.5 x 16.5 cm and it is made out of white porcelain. The scenes are also available as single pieces and exchangeable. This is how a different city-park scene can be represented for five days in the living room.
  • Crate & Barrel Cypress Bonsai
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    The ancient art of bonsai cultivates nature on a miniature scale, a craft that requires years of careful attention. Our faux version delivers bonsai's expressive forms in an exquisitely detailed tiny cypress tree, complete with realistic needles, pinecones and moss-covered bark. This captivating, maintenance-free plant is potted in a rectangular terra cotta bonsai planter finished in lustrous black.
  • Nearly Natural Cedar Bonsai Tree 24 in
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    Treasure the beauty of this highly detailed Cedar bonsai. With soft leaves and a partially-exposed root system, this captivating two foot tall tree is sure to catch your eye. Situated in a rectangular shaped planter filled with artificial dirt, it’s the ideal size for an office or small living space. Both friends and family will be delighted to receive this enchanting tree as a gift for any occasion.
  • Crate & Barrel Potted Grass
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    Row up these realistic pots of faux grass for an upbeat interior accent. Terra cotta pots are finished in rustic charcoal.
  • Pier 1 Imports Potted Cactus Plant
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    Even the brownest thumb is no match for this hardy faux Potted Plant. The more you neglect it, the more it thrives. Admiring glances are OK, though. Green. 8.50"Dia x 15"H. Plastic, papier-mache, stone.
  • Bonsai Tree
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    Echoing the impeccable designs of Japanese Bonsai artists, our Bonsai Tree is an elegant decorative element in any room. The tree is beautifully crafted to resemble the deciduous branches of a gnarled Bonsai Tree and planted in an Asian-inspired rectangular pot with tiny pebbles on the surface. Aptly sized at 6" wide by 12" deep by 28" tall. Available in Gold, Silver, and White.
  • Faux Cactus and Succulent Arrangement in a Pearl Stone Pot
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    A spectacular array of faux cactus and succulents makes this decorative botanical arrangement a perfect accent for any home. Small, spiny cacti are mixed with softer-leaf succulents in a variety of green tones. Potted in a handsome pearl stone container. Faux cactus and succulent arrangement. Square pearl stone pot. Beautiful texture in a variety of green shades. Needs no maintenance. 18" high. 18" wide. 12" deep.
  • Pier 1 Imports Green Faux Bamboo Branch
    Pier1 Green Faux Bamboo Branch. Here is some "lucky bamboo" for all of you practitioners of Feng Shui. And for everyone else, this bamboo will look fabulous in a vase, especially in an Asian inspired interior. Just don't feed this to the pandas.. Green.
  • S/4 Ferns in Window Basket
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    Four frond-ly ferns, set in eco-friendly pots, unfurl within a wire window-basket. This quartet is a welcomed gift or a verdant touch in your own abode. Founded in 2005 by a husband-and-wife team, FreshTopiary has quickly become one of the largest online topiary retailers in the country. Unlike topiaries purchased at nurseries and home improvement stores, these plants are shipped direct from the grower to you, which means you can be certain of receiving only the greenest, freshest plants.
  • Nearly Natural Marginatum w/Lacquered Rope Wicker
    This jungle-like fern adds a sense of flair and excitement to any room it occupies. The elongated jagged shaped leaves give this plant a unique look all its own. Standing 22” inches tall, this rare fern is the ideal size for an apartment or small office setting. A lacquered wicker basket surrounded by a rope shaped trim design is the ideal finishing touch to this one of a kind plant.
  • Ethan Allen Aloe and Succulents in Pot
    These hardy succulent plants are beloved for their ability to survive in dry, arid climates. Our arrangement includes spiky aloe leaves surrounded by hen and chicks; a cement cache pot with a textured finish gives the arrangement a desert chic look. No matter the actual climate, this lifelike presentation adds an adventurous element to any room.
  • Ethan Allen Phalaenopsis Orchids in Cube
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    Collectors have long sought the exotic blooms of the phalaenopsis orchid. These double white spikes add height'and a pleasing texture' to a tabletop display. The arrangement’s bronze-colored cube base has an elegant timeworn feel. Double white phalaenopsis orchid with leaves. Bronze metal cube. Actual blooms, foliage, and placement may vary due to the hand-crafted nature of this item.
  • Ethan Allen Yellow Oncidiums in Planter
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    A profusion of canary-yellow orchid blooms and lifelike deep green leaves create an eye-catching display. Potted in an understated faux concrete planter, this arrangement blends well with all of our 5 Signature Lifestyles. Yellow oncidium orchids with leaves. Rectangular faux concrete planter. Container dimensions: 10.25"W X 4.5"H X 6” D. Actual blooms, foliage, and placement may vary due to the hand-crafted nature of this item.
  • Ethan Allen Petite Orchid in Porcelain Pot
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    Set in a footed exportware-look container, this phalaenopsis orchid boasts of full, arching spikes that create a waterfall effect. Realistic-looking stakes make this arrangement look not only lifelike but artistic. Its classic white blooms have a welcome-anywhere appeal. Double white phalaenopsis orchid with leaves. Footed blue and white ceramic container. Container dimensions: 6.5” W X 4” H X 6.5” D. Actual blooms, foliage, and placement may vary due to the hand-crafted nature of this item.
  • Nearly Natural Begonia Hanging Basket Silk Plant
    Certain plants just look great in a hanging basket, and the Begonia is no exception. This beautiful specimen has a full 10” basket, which is surrounded by a literal cascade of reds and greens. The small (but prominent) blooms provide the prefect compliment to the beautiful pointed leaves and green stalks. Best of all, it’ll stay beautiful with no dripping water – ever!!
  • John Timberland Three Rustic Jugs Cascading Fountain
    Three spouted water jugs fountain are tipped to pour their contents into one another for a soothing, natural display. Rustic pillars in varied heights display the jugs. Stone finish. Cast resin construction. For outdoor/indoor use.
  • Natural Decorations, Inc. CR Daisy
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    NDI - Natural Decorations, Inc. is the premier provider of the finest floral and botanical reproductions. NDI is the only alternative for fresh flowers; supplying celebrity designers and homes with custom designs for almost 50 years.
  • Crate & Barrel Mini Potted Boxwood
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    Crafted botanical boxwood brings eternal greenery to indoor spaces and terrariums. Plastic, polyfoam and iron wire. Terra cotta pot. Made in China.
  • Nearly Natural Vining Mixed Greens w/Decorative Stand Silk Plant
    If you want a fantastic looking “overflow” of beautiful foliage, then this wonderful foliage Mix will be the perfect match. An absolute marvel of layered leaves in every imaginable texture, this plant is a snap to keep looking its best (no real upkeep needed, save for finding that perfect spot), and its sharp looking stand only further compliments this piece.
  • Ethan Allen Seaside Basket
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    Bring the texture and beauty of the natural beach landscape inside. A large centerpiece of seagrass and foxtails grows wildly out of a long woven seagrass basket, perfect for a seaside-inspired family room.
  • NDI Succulent Burgundy Green in Terrarium
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    All arrangements are custom made to order. Height x Width: 14" X 12" Type of flower: succulents. Colors: burgundy, green
  • NDI Frittilaria Crocus Burgandy Lavender in Glass Cloche
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    All arrangements are custom made to order. Height x Width: 18" X 11" Type of flower: frittilaria, crocus Colors: fern green, lavender.
  • Chinese Serissa Bonsai Tree
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  • NDI Fern Moss Terrarium
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    All arrangements are custom made to order. Height x Width: 19" X 16" Type of flower: fern Colors: greens.
  • Auerhahn - Herbs@ Home Herb Garden single pot
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    Fresh on the table! The herbs garden out of polished stainless steel and high quality white plastic reflects the purity and freshness of herbs at the same time. By the refined technique of watering with a glass fibre wick, the plants are greatly supplied with the water out of the tank and protected from drying out. Knowingly fresh and absolutely timeless is how the self-watering herbs-garden Herbs@Home is displayed and it is an absolute Must-Have for all gourmands. The Herbs@Home herbs garden is available as single pot as well as 3-pieces set. Also there is a suitable herbs-scissor available optionally from the Herbs@Home collection.

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