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Chapter 5: Heart breaker?

J.’s POV
„Nothing is impossible” Hyun’s words were kept repeated in my head. Since our last meeting few days had passed; few days full of practice. I tried hard to remember all steps but dancing wasn’t my natural ability.
Not like Kibum. Every time Jean Marc, our choreographer, pushed play button Key showed his charismatic performance. He even learnt my parts. During breaks he was performing them like real diva. If his purpose was to make me feel even less ready to dance tango he had achieved it. 
But I was thinking about steps only in the moments when I wasn’t actually dancing. Because every time Jean Marc pushed play button I forgot about steps, forgot about choreographer looking at us, forgot about whole world – for me when tango music was played and I was in Key’s arms only both of us mattered. I was lost in his eyes despite the coldness of his eyes. I felt safe in his arms even though I slip from them several times and hit floor (was it my fault I was afraid to grab him stronger?).
“No, no, no!” Jean Marc wasn’t pleased by our dance. “You can’t perform like this tomorrow!”
I looked at Key. He was confident about his skills so he just stared at choreographer without much listening to his words.
“I’m so disappointed. J. you can’t dance well even simplest steps.” I glared at floor. “But at least I can see you put your heart in it! Key, where is your passion? I understand you didn’t pick your partner but you must act like if she was everything for you. It’s tango, dance of lovers, for Christ sake!”
“Yeah, chef.” Key answered like he used to answer when famous chef was teaching him how to cook. I glared at him and I don’t know myself what had stopped me from slapping him. After all, Jean Marc praised me for putting my heart into dance but the rest of his sentence crushed that heart.
Dating an idol? Maybe, if one of them is in love with you. But actually no one was in love with me.
Key likes me more than a friend?
It’s delusion.
“End of the practice. Prayer is only thing that is left for you.”
Outside practices room I was getting ready to leave building really quickly. I was changing my shoes when Key came.
“He is exaggerating. I’m great dancer, probably the best he has seen!”
I stood up and headed to exit, ignoring him completely.

I locked myself in my room and moved all furniture making some space in the center of place. I played our tango song and practiced by myself until I fall on bed without any strength left.
Key’s POV
Ready to go on stage I waited behind curtain on J. Where she was?
She could have ignored me, after all I wasn’t be very supportive for her previous day, but as far as I know her she would never miss her own show. She was responsible employee, always ready hour before shooting, giving last advices to staff. 
And, five minutes before going on stage to dance our tango, place next to my side was empty. 
Worried, I looked around to see her coming quickly. It was hard to recognize her at first; usually around me she wasn’t wearing much make up or fabulous dresses.
“Hello, noona.” I welcomed her. She tried to ignored me both after a moment of silent she smiled. 
“You called me noona.”
“Oh, really?”
She looked me in my eyes. Her eyes were big and green, different than Asian girls, and somehow sad.
Then she smiled, like little devil. “I won’t disappoint audience today.”
“You have been practicing steps all night long alone in your room?” I laughed at ridiculousness of my own question.
“You almost guessed. But I wasn’t alone Key. I was with Taeminnie.”
Staff member interrupted us, saying that’s high time to start show. Curtain slowly went up and music was played. It was time for our tango. At first I was totally lost, her words were still echoing in my ears. But she stared dancing, strongly, with passion. I joined her quickly to bring viewers unforgettable performance. I was full of anger. Was she cheating on me? With that baby Taemin! Our dance was like fight. 
Lat move was spin, ended with her lying on my knee, her head in my hands, closely enough to kiss her lips. I wanted to do it, to show everyone who was watching that show that J. is my girl. I hesitated for a second, and the right moment passed as J. smiled and got up to bow to audience.
She took the microphone to introduce next couples and quickly left the stage to change her clothes. I followed her – I wanted to talk to her. But I didn’t entered the room where whe was getting ready to enter stage again, I’m not some pervert.
While I was waiting outside, Jean Marc came to me.
“Key, you surprised me! It was such a great performance. That passion!” Our choreographer was shaking my hand and congratulating me. “I’m curious what changed you from skilled but emotionless dancer into man full of passion.”
“Jealousy.” J. said behind my back. She exchanged kisses on cheek with our choreographer. “I knew mentioning other man will work.”
“Smart girl.” Jean Marc praised her as the both of them were moving in the direction of the stage, completely ignoring me. 
“Yah! So you weren’t practicing with Taemin yesterday?” I yelled after her.
She turned back to send me her ‘devil’ smile. “My dear, you’re the only one with whom I have ever danced tango.”
She disappeared on stage. “You’ll pay me for that!” I said to empty corridor.

J.'s POV
Yesterday I was mad at Key. 
But in the end he was jealous of Taemin.
And would he be jealous if there wasn't something between us?
Nothing is impossible to a heart.
Here is video with tango danced by Key and J.^^

I hope you will like this story.
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