platinum blonde princess curls.

{ yet to be finished darlings...}
her p r i n c e s s worthy name is adeline sea st. mark
nicknames are /so/ f i f t h grade, but if you must, call her addie.
add-de-line see sannte mark
the m a g i c number is sixteen.
date of birth; december first.
time of birth; 9:OO am.
place of birth; snow covered c o p e n h a g e n , denmark.
places lived; copenhagen, denmark, and london, united kingdom {for one year.}
appearance; elle fanning.
as you saunter passed a group of model like friends in a cold copenhagen winter day, one of the girls stands out in the crowd because of her beauty. no, she isn't one of those sexy victoria secret angel types, her alluring beauty makes her seem... innocent and pure, unlike most girls you find attractive. lets begin with the hair. her platinum blonde tresses are styled into voluminous princess curls that end two inches above the end of her ribcage, and shine healthily.those beautiful eyes of hers are big like one of your old doll's and are a hypnotizing ice blue, not at all cold and cruel, but captivating and somewhat welcoming. her eyes are hugged by a forest of lush and long espresso brown eyelashes, that are never covered by mascara due to the hassle it takes to put them on. her brown low set eyebrows lie above her captivating eyes, and are waxed often to keep their shape. her button nose lies between her high peony pink cheeks, and increase the look of innocence in her. her pale toned skin makes her look just like of your old porcelain doll. adeline stands at 5'2, completely unusual for her family and for other danes. she weighs tiny, and has a small 36a bust. all around addie looks beautiful, and is a rare scandinavian beauty. if you ever see adeline strut passed you in her 4 inch heeled louboutins, make sure you take a good ole look at her angelic face, because you only see a girl like her once.
adeline acts exactly how she looks. addie is the kindest girl you would ever meet. she has a smile plastered onto her dainty face, and showers girls with compliments when she first meets them. her words are sugarcoated with sweetness and love. addie is loving and innocent and always acts like polite, but it is possible to have a girl be too innocent? i mean we are talking about the girl who didn't get the birds and the bees talk until eighth grade.

likes; pink/girly things/friends/ traveling/apple {the brand of computers}/ macaroons/ shopping/ chanel/ singing/ juicy couture/ true love/ God/ dancing/ fireworks/ smiles/ fashion/ makeup/ nail varnish/ acting/ broadway/ cheer/ charities/ lace/ family/ diamonds/ tiffany's/ music/ spicy food/ adventure/ action movies/ mystery/ nail salons/ lip gloss/ social media/ europe/ indie music/ being immature and fun/nutella/
dislikes; the seventies {eww hippies.}/ disease/ death/ biznatches/ nails that are overgrown/ perverts/ boring people/ snobs/
interests; fashion/ broadway/ history/ traveling/adventure/religion.
hobbies; singing/dancing/acting/cheer/drawing/jogging/yoga/cooking/ ballet/ gymnastics.
talents; addie is you classic triple threat, singing, dancing, and acting are her main talents, though she is good at school and drawing as well.

family { name, age, profession, looks };
wealth status;

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