2012/07/14 After finished Lemon Kai..
Can be this time Berry Kai?? how come of my inspiration today ....
I wanna make double date for contest but no idea coming yet.
mmmm,sure KaiSoo will be my choice and I used to be their Appa[Dad] ~??

LOL:)) Kai made mistake on stage ,i think this second time of him for a "huge" mistake.
-120713 EXO-K(엑소케이) - MAMA / 여수엑스포 팝 페스티벌
Yeosu World Expo festival concert.

I laugh so bad to see Kai look nervous,trying to look cool after slipped but he did 3 times,almost his head will knock those floor,smile ,nothing!!
i've heard same stage it was happened with Shinee too.haha I'm laughing <33
Plus Beakhyun was sick but i found he look so happy & fine.
Why Kai,you slipped ?

-120713 EXO-K - 너의 세상으로(Angel) 
KaiSoo moment:http://rainie-minnie.tumblr.com/#27187470437
To be honest i hate shipping for all,boy-boy or boy-girl..but KaiSoo i love to see them smile,one of my favorite couple now~ but as brother no dirty LOL !!
i'm not reading big hits fanfic of KaiSoo that fans confirm it's fun~
i started only intro then quit,idw KaiSoo image of mine will changing.
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