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15. The guys in Theta Delta Chi are hosting a welcome back party. Be ready for beer pong , lots of alcohol , drunk frat boys and the mistake you are going to regret tomorrow morning. 

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During the past couple of years that I went to parties along with London, I became really interested in the bathroom interior. And, frankly, people have quite the taste for bathrooms. Especially sorority ones. 
„Oh, I didn't know you were here..“ Cloe entered the bathroom surprised to see me. „Am I interrupting something, do I have to come back later?“ 
„Oh, no.“ I got up from the toilet seat, showing Cloe that I was actually just spending my past time, pretending to be doing a number three. „Take your time, it's quite cozy..“ I put the seat up, preparing it for her. 
“Actually, I was just going to fix my hair..” Cloe smiled. 
“Oh...” I stare down at my shoes. 
“Scot..” Cloe looked at my reflexion in the mirror. “.. is everything okay?”
“Why wouldn't it be?” I smiled, chirping. 
“Cause the party is out there, and you are right here..” 
“I'm just hiding..” I avoided her sympathetic gaze. 
“From who?” Cloe approached me. I just realized how tall she was. And how red her hair was. 
“I always wanted to have red hair..” I tried to change the subject.
“Don't change the subject..” Cloe's voice was strict. 
“Can you just get Daniel for me?” I finally looked her in the eyes. “I really want to talk to him right now.. don't get me wrong..” 
“Okay. The John Blake guy right?” Cloe smiled at me, whilst exiting the bathroom. I nodded at her smiling and returned to the toilet seat. I put the seat down and sat. 
Back to my theory about bathrooms. 
They're comforting and rarely clean. But I like spending my time here. Only if, no one entered the bathroom before me. Then I try to find another spot where I can hide without being found. 
The door opened and I saw Daniel's head peeking in. My mood lightened up by the second and the corners of my lips tugged into a wide smile. Daniel entered the bathroom carrying a plate with cookies. 
“I love you.” I said smiling. 
“No you don't. You love the cookies.” the moment he handed me the plate, I stuffed my mouth with the cookies. 
“You're right.” I nodded, the words barely heard from all the cookies inside my mouth. 
“I see you found the bathroom...” Daniel sat on the floor, right in front of my legs. “What are your thoughts on it, oh wise one?” 
“Hmm...” I looked around, swallowing. “Bright.. clean despite the circumstances that boys use it and I'm really digging the toilet seat, it's like made for your butt.” I smiled. 
“Can I ask you something?” I nodded. Daniel paused looking down, while I ate more cookies. “Why do you sit in bathrooms?” 
I swallowed, staring at him. I put the plate aside, wondering. “I don't like people.” 
“Liar. You love people.” 
“I don't like drunk people.” I exclaimed. 
'And I don't like bathrooms.” 
I rolled my eyes. “Do you have a better idea?” 
Daniel stood up sticking his hand out for me to get it. “Let me show you my new room...” 
“Oh my, Danny boy..” I took his hand and followed him whilst jumping. “I'd love to see your new room!”
“You sound like that actress from The Wizard of Oz..” Daniel laughed. 
“Judy Garland?” 
“Yeah, her..” he nodded. 
“Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling...” I sang following him. 
“Are you shore you didn't drink anything?” 
“No..” I shook my head. “I think it's the cookies..” 
Daniel froze. “Why'd you stop?” I pouted. 
“Oh, God.” 
“Yeah, they were yummy!” I giggled. 
“No, they weren't trust me..” 
“Danny... your left eye is twitching... are you angry?” I kept on giggling. 
Daniel scoffed and covered his eye. “No, I'm not. I'm frustrated.” 
“That gives you wrinkles.” 
“Oh, yeah? Great.” Daniel scoffed again and opened the door to his room. 
“Wow, pretty..” I looked at the room in awe. I wasn't lying. It /was/ pretty and it reminded me of Daniel. His sketches were taped on the wall, the Polaroids we took last summer where also there and the Captain America pillow was on the bed. “...pretty..” 
“Thanks..” he smiled. 
I sat down on the bed and took the Captain America pillow in my arms, hugging it. “I feel funny.” I giggled. 
“Yeah, maybe is because of the cookies...” Daniel smacked his forehead. “Stupid, stupid, stupid...” 
I stare at him, my eyes wide. “Danny...” I looked down my dress, unconsciously playing with the ends. “.. I gotta confess something to you..” 
Daniel raised his eyebrows. “Uhm... alright..” he quickly sat next to me. 
“Don't get mad...” I shook my head. 
“Okay..” he shrugged. 
“Promise?” I said a little bit louder than usual. 
“I promise!”
“Good!” I giggled. I made a short pause and continued. “Remember back in high-school when you told me you hooked up with Wendy Caine from Economics Class?” 
“Yeah..” Daniel nodded, a confused impression plastered all over his face. 
“And when I told you that I have to tell you also something?” 
“Uhm, yeah... I think..” he blinked a couple of times. 
“Do you remember what I said?” I put my 'puppy dog eyes' impression and stare at him. 
“Uhm...” Daniel paused, trying to remember. “Something about you and Derek Sandsmark kissing behind the bleachers during first period..?” 
“A-ha..” I paused. “Well... I didn't kiss.. I was stuck in the bathroom because of the curry I ate the other night... but I didn't want to tell you that, so I told you something I thought it was.. cool.” I shrugged, avoiding eye contact. 
“So what?” Daniel shrugged,smirking. “You didn't kiss Derek, big deal..” 
“No, no, no! That's not the thing!” I drew my face closer to his and whispered. “I have never, ever, ever, been kissed...” 
Daniel stare at me sheepishly. I backed off and nodded. “Never!” I tugged a chunk of my hair behind my ear. “And I never will! Cause the entire male population on Earth hates me!” before I knew it I burst into tears. 
“Hey, hey...” Daniel put his hand around me, embracing me. “Don't cry. I'm pretty sure there /is/ someone.” 
“Who? I don't think Wally West will leave the Teen Titans for me!” I cried even louder. “Face it, Daniel, there are no such things as perfect men!”
“Yeah, cause defiantly /I/ would know that..” Daniel made a sarcastic comment, whilst rolling his eyes. 
“I'll end up like an old cat lady! Living in a studio apartment with a bunch of cats!” I nuzzled my face into his neck, staining Daniel's shirt with my tears and buggers. 
“No... that won't happen.” he patted my hair. “You'll finish college, become a shrink..-”
“Guidance counselor.” I corrected him. 
“Fine, a guidance counselor, find the man of your dreams, have kids..-”
“Three kids! Garfield, Wally and Charlotte..” I interrupted. 
“You'll have three kids... and be happy..” 
I removed my head from his shoulder and stare at him. “What about you Danny?” 
Daniel sighed, starring at the empty space in front of him. Then he looked at me smiling. “I'll draw comics and.. live with the cats you were planning on starting a life with..” 
“What happened to the perfect girl?” I blinked, my puppy dog eyes going into action once again. 
Daniel shrugged. “Maybe she got married... got a couple of kids.. I dunno..” 
“You never got luck..” I shook my head. “Poor Danny boy..” 
“You'll get that first kiss, Scottie. Just you wait.” 
“But I don't wanna wait!” I shouted. “I'm already twenty, Daniel! How long do I have to wait? 'Till I turn thirty?!” 
He smirked. “You gotta point there.” 
I looked down my dress, re-thinking the thought that popped into my head, seconds ago. I raised my head, staring at him with determination in my eyes. “Kiss me.” 
“What!?” he stare at me, shock and confusion running through his face. 
“You heard me! Kiss me!” 
“Uhm, I'm not sure about it Scotland.” Daniel rubbed the nape of his neck. 
“Why? Don't you like me?” I shouted, upset. 
“No, I like you. I /really/ like you. But no to the point where I'll be kissing you and stuff!” 
“What stuff?!” I raised my eyebrow. “You don't mean stuff like..-” I opened my mouth in shock. “Daniel Clooney Day! How dare you?!” 
“I wasn't thinking about it, I swear!” he waved his hands at me. 
“Then why won't you kiss me?” I crossed my arms pouting. 
“Cause right now, you're high and it'll be like I'm taking advantage of you!” now he was shouting. 
“It's not taking advantage, if I ask you to do it!” I shouted. 
“I'm not kissing you!”
“Fine!” I threw my hands in the air. “If you won't, there are plenty of other guys, who would die to kiss me!” 
I was ready to get up and stomp my way out of the room, when I was pulled back on the bed. Suddenly my lips were pressed onto something warm and pleasant. I pulled back and stare at Daniel who was blushing and looking away. 
“So, how was it?” he said awkwardly, rubbing the nape of his neck, looking away. 
“It was warm... and fuzzy.” I felt my cheeks also going red. 
“Yeah..?” Daniel finally looked at me, relieved. A slight smile appeared on his lips. 
“Yeah..” I nodded, also smiling. “Danny... I'm cold.” 
“Uhm, I'm pretty sure I saw a jacket somewhere around here..” he got up and looked for a jacket. “Here, hope this helps...” he sat next to me again and put a jeans jacket around me. “Better?” 
I shook my head. “No.. I'm still cold.” 
“Gee, I dunno, Scottie. I don't have anything else...” 
“How about...” I paused, looking away. 
“How about what?” Daniel blinked several times, like he already knew the answer. 
“How about you kiss me again?” I peeked at him, from under my bangs. Daniel stare at me with a startled expression, trying to process what I just said to him. “It's just cold and..-” I shrugged, looking away. 
Daniel's hands cupped my face, drawing it closer to mine. Then he kissed me. He kissed me again. And again. And again. And each and every time he kissed me, I felt warmer and warmer.


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@elizabeth-kate i know the feeling. it's just too hard NOT to ship everyone and everything!

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[[loved!! they are so cute :)]

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cute!! love this!!! :D

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