Playsam - Oldtimer
  • Playsam - Rocket
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    The Playsam Rocket can't only raise a small astronaut in children's rooms, but also in offices or living rooms the rocket will give wings to your fantasy as decoration object. Rocket has a friendly and clear design which “stimulates the childish senses and encourages children's fantasy” according to the Playsam founder Carl Zedig, as well as all the products by the Swedish manufacturer do. This is how every child will experience its own universe adventure. The rocket out of lacquered wood wont only delight children, but also grownup design enthusiasts, because of the typical minimalistic shape. The Playsam Rocket is suitable as both: Gift for science fiction fans and friends of classic design as high quality living accessory.
  • Playsam - Jetliner
    Oh, how pretty it is to fly this pretty airplane! For all hobby pilots, the Playsam Jetliner is the ideal toy and/or accessory. The flat and glossy Playsam Jetliner is manufactured out of massive wood and seems playful and elegant with its round and flat forms. The Jetliner fascinates as well as to really fly, young and old and can be an extravagant gift for babies, birthdays or customers. The Jetliner is perfectly suitable as toy or as elegant decoration. Not adapted to children less than three years of age. More details: Length: 175 Mm. Colours: Black, red and silver. Material: Wood.
  • IKEA MÅLA Easel, softwood, white
    Length: 17 " Width: 24 " Height: 46 " Length: 43 cm. Width: 62 cm. Height: 118 cm. Your child can use it for different purposes. The easel has a whiteboard on one side and a blackboard on the other. Can be folded and put away when not in use. IKEA of Sweden Renewable material (wood). Possible to separate for material or energy recovery. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - small parts. Not for children under 3 years of age. Only use whiteboard markers on the whiteboard. Can be used with MÅLA drawing paper roll. Recommended for children 3 years and older. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Wooden part(s): Solid pine, Clear acrylic lacquer. Board part: Acrylic paint, Fiberboard, Polyamide.
  • Donkey Poducts Donkey Products - Wooden Notebook - I-Wood - My first Laptop
    With the I-Wood Laptop, Donkey Products presents a Laptop for the small ones – of course purely ecologic and children adapted. The I-Wood has been designed by Bea Seggering and leans on the design of a classic notebook. The children adapted edition however, is made out of light wood and has blackboards instead of keypads and screens, so that children can live out their creativity on it. The according chalk is included in the delivery and stored where usually the mouse pad is. The I-Wood from Donkey Products has the dimensions 24 x 35 x 2.5 cm and also serves as occupation for the way. The I-Wood is not adapted to children of less than 36 months since it contains small items that can be swallowed.
  • Donkey Poducts Donkey Products - I-Woody, My first Smartphone
    If your child wants a career in multimedia-branches, you should show him modern technique as soon as possible! Completely ecological, of course. With the I-Woody My first Smartphone out of the Donkey Creative Lab comes the children-adapted edition of the smartphone. Instead of a bright shining display and touchscreen, I-Woody offers a wooden frame with blackboard – chalk & sponge, so that your child’s creativity might run unlimitedly. Besides the I-Woody Smartphone, there is furthermore the larger I-Woody – My first Laptop by donkey products. Irregularities as well as colour-differences in material might appear since it is a natural product. Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small pieces that might be swallowed.
  • Vintage Madame Alexander Doll Wendy
    Find great deals on eBay for Vintage Madame Alexander Doll Wendy in Madame Alexander Dolls made between 1948 and 19599. Shop with confidence.
  • Baghera - Monaco Pedal Vehicle
    Almost no other object reveilles the child in a man but the automobile. This bridge from young to old beats the sheet metal vehicles of the French manufacturer Baghera on a elegant and nice way. Because the vehicles inspires children and adults and proves that toys don't have an age limit. A one of the key-cities for car lovers is of course Monaco, the Mediterranean city with the big Forula-1 Grand Prix. Fittingly the Bolide "Monaco" by Baghera has its roots in 1926 and comes with characteristic rally stripes, rubber wheels for the inside-use and the starting number 2 on the engine bonnet, mostly as number 1 in the goal. The neat steering wheel and the adjustable pedals make the necessary balance between speed and control. The Monaco-streaker by Baghera is for children between 3 and 5 years and its high quality material and the formidable processing promises permanent fun with the Oldtimer - for children, parents, and grandparents. Discover the child in yourself and use the hay wagon, to follow the same intest as your child and spend some time together. The cars of Baghera offer generation-overlapping fun while playing and collecting. And every toy is safety-proved like the European standards.
  • IKEA DUKTIG Mini-kitchen, birch plywood, white
    Width: 28 3/8 " Depth: 15 3/4 " Height: 42 1/2 " Width: 72 cm. Depth: 40 cm. Height: 108 cm. Encourages role play which helps children to develop social skills by imitating grown-ups and inventing their own roles. Grows with your child. The height of the legs can be adjusted to 3 positions. Hot plates with light diodes that can be switched on and off. Runs on batteries. The light diodes run on batteries with low electric voltage and turn off automatically after a few minutes to save energy. The cooktop lights can be switched on/off and give a realistic glow but do not get warm. Create a more complete play kitchen with the microwave oven and hooks for utensils. Fits DUKTIG mini-kitchen. Mikael Warnhammar 2 Packages Batteries are sold separately, 6 pcs LR6 AA 1.5V required. The light diodes are operated by low electric voltage and do not get hot. Recommended for children 3 years and older. Mini-kitchen: Main parts: Fiberboard, Birch plywood, Clear acrylic lacquer, Paint. Door: Fiberboard, Paint. Window: Acrylic. Sinks/ Mixer taps/ Foot/ Handle: Polypropylene. Tube: Steel, Pigmented powder coating. Work top: ABS plastic, Polypropylene. Top section for mini-kitchen: Main parts: Fiberboard, Birch plywood, Clear acrylic lacquer, Paint. Door: Fiberboard, Paint. Window: Acrylic. Tube: Steel, Pigmented powder coating. Handle: Polypropylene.
  • Magis - me too Magis Me Too - Pingy Tumbler Boy
    Pingy is a funny companion for the journey, they enrich every children’s room. Eero Aarnio was inspired by real penguin chicks for his tumbler boy design. The Pingy tumbler boy by Magis Me Too brings the cheeky polar bird now into child’s rooms in a playful way: If Pingy is pushed or boxed; the huge tumbler penguin will tumble a little with somehow awkward movements from one side to another, as if it was a real penguin. Since Pingy is made out of robust polyethylene, it can serve as punching-ball outside. If the Eero Aarnio designed tumbler boy isn’t dancing, it also makes a pretty lovingly figure as decoration object.
  • Magis Design Magis - Archetoys Car 1
    Iconic shapes and enormous recognition value: The Archetoys Car 1 by Magis is a model car, which also delights design enthusiasts. The idea for the Archetoys collection from Floris Hovers was inspired by the thought of interior balance of working and playing. The designer searched for recognizable forms and colours, which would transform the motorized vehicles into unique pieces that are even recognizable when the style is reduced to the absolute minimum. The Car 1 is such an archetypical object: The car appears in an iconic Three-Box-Design, which embosses the image of cars until today, even in drawings by children. Emotions, recognition value, nostalgia and sentimental feelings… all this is caught inside of the Archetoys Car 1 by Magis, which is the reason why it is much more than a children’s toy. The Car 1 of the Magis Archetoys collection is handmade out of industrially produced materials. The ball bearing mounted wheels are made of nylon.
  • Arctic the 14 Inch Sitting Stuffed Polar Bear by Aurora at Stuffed Safari
    Arctic the 14 Inch Sitting Stuffed Polar Bear by Aurora is all smiles, probably because he knows he will be coming to your home soon! This adorable plush polar bear is fourteen inches tall and full of joy. Our sitting polar bear stuffed animal has an
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  • Baghera - Speedster Children's Car
    No other object reveilles the child in a man like the automobile. This bridge from young to old beats iron sheet vehicles of the French manufacturer. Baghera on its most elegant and beautiful way. Because the vehicle inspired children and adults comparably and proved that toys don't need an age limit. As children's car, the Speedster is the high quality alternative to the plastic bolide. Starting from the first year of it's life, the racer can collect experiences on the wheel. And when the little ones go to sleep, the parents will also have fun, at least with looking at the shape and technique of the classic old-timer. Made of metal, the Speedster is strong and lively for the first, safe tours at home or in the garden. Discover the child in yourself and use the speeder to have the same interest as your child and spend some time together. The cars of Baghera allows generation comprehensive fun while playing and collecting. Every vehicle is safety-proved like the European standards.
  • Baghera - Speedster Plane
    To take off: For small pilots starting with 1 year of life experience, Baghera presents the Speedster Plane. With the sliding transport, children will learn how to keep balance with a lot of fun. The Baghera children vehicles prove to be a bridge between young and old once again, showing that toys mustn’t be limited to an age: With its nostalgic design and the noble materials, the toys delight parents again and again, since they are very durable and mustn’t be hidden anywhere when they aren’t used. The small pilots might use the Baghera Speedster from one year of age on, gaining their first experiences at a steering wheel. And if the small ones go to sleep, also the adults might be delighted – at least from the appearance of the airplane. Made out of metal, the Speedster Plane is resistant and funny at the same time for the first, safe tours at home or in the garden. Discover the child inside of you and use the runner, in order to follow the same interests of your child and have a good time together. The cars by Baghera enable generations of fun with toys and collector’s pieces. Each vehicle has been tested for safety according to European standards.
  • Mai-Ling the Panda Bear by Douglas at Stuffed Safari
    Mai-Ling the Plush Panda Bear by Douglas is an adorable panda bear stuffed animal that features accurate coloring and realism while still maintaining a cuddly and fun personality. The realistic coloring and markings on our stuffed panda bear add
  • TY Beanie Boos BAMBOO the Panda (Regular Size 6 inch)
    Industry LEADING retail website selling fad toys and collectibles. Shop for Ty Beanie Babies, Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, Webkinz plush stuffed animals plus McFarlane Toys Action Figures. We sell Neca Toys, Russ, Fiesta, Pokemon TCG, Bella Sara card game. Buy online store prices on sale in stock selling.
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  • Funko Disney Pixar Mystery Mini Vinyl Figure Jack Skellington [Laughing, Mouth OPEN, Arms Out] Funko Disney / Pixar Mystery Mini Vinyl Figure Jack Skellington [Laughing, Mouth OPEN, Arms Out]: Toys & Games
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  • Stuffed Plush Pandas
    Visit our fun website for stuffed animals. It has games, coloring pages for the little ones, all the information you ever wanted to know about stuffed animals, their manufacturers, the materials used, and much more. A must for every stuffed animal fan.
  • whales
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  • Ty Beanie Boos - Bamboo - Panda: Toys & Games Ty Beanie Boos - Bamboo - Panda: Toys & Games
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