Cher's party.

"Erich, when will you learn I'm not social!" He pushed open the doors his hand around Mic's waist. 
"Never, because it's a lie. Now have fun, baby sis.Don't do anything I wouldn't do." He winked and lead Mic off to greet Cher. I fingered my gift. AHH!! Is there a purpose to life, besides all this I saw Joey out of the corner of my eye, but decided to steer clear of him, because Jax looked like one angry bi.tch. Instead I handed Cher my gift, and she thanked me. I nodded, and retreated into my corner. 

All of the girls had disappeared. this I'm leaving. I stood up and headed for the door when all of the girls reappeared. I might as well give it one last shot. When I was in ear shot I heard,
"Did no one tell her that she almost got les r.ped."
I clutched my fists, Who the He.ll does that? To Mic, Erichs Mic!?! Thoughts started racing through my mind. I looked at Mic who had buried her face in Erich's chest. How could she be so stupid!
"It's a good thing I don't hit girls." I looked up at Erich backing away. I sniggered,
"I do." I pulled back and let go. She went down for the count. Stupid bi.tch, I was about to leap on her when Erich pulled me away. He glared at me, and I stormed out the door.

The night air was biting at my exposed shoulders, but I was not going back in there. I would beat the out of cher for not watching Mic, and Mic for drinking and being a dumb 
"Hey, chill out okay? The world is just fu.cked up."
"Lyric, I don't want to talk about it." She walked up to me. and grabbed my shoulder.
"Not everyone is afraid of you, you know? Why do you want them to be? That's pretty fu.cked up."
I shrugged. I wanted to yell at her,tell her that I would never be hurt or let anyone I loved be hurt. 
"Because I have fu.cking issues."
"We all do." She tilted her head, and started pouting. "Now get your dumb back inside."
I smiled, and walked back up the stairs.
"Hey Lyr. When am I gonna be on the NBH? I am very talented." 
We both started laughing.
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