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“I missed you last night.” Tom turned to see Taylor leaned against the doorframe; he nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, I uh, had an event to go to...” “Oh.” She walked up behind him and put her arms around his neck, turning him around to fix his tie. He looked down at her concentrated face, her teeth nibbling on her lower lip. “I love you. You know that, don’t you, love?” Taylor’s eyes looked up from his tie, “Yes, Mr. Hiddleston. I do know this.” She giggled slightly. Tom laughed, “Well, Miss. Swift, I am glad.” Their eyes met and Taylor bit her lip, leaning in and kissing him. Tom pulled her closer, wrapping his arms around her small waist. Pulling away Taylor leaned her forehead against his, “Mmm. Promise me something?” “Anything.” Taylor took a breath, “I missed you last night, it was cold and i didn’t have anyone to cuddle with. Tom, I love you, you know that. But i can’t... i can’t just practically give up my work and sit around and wait for you to come home. I’m not a housewife; we’re not even married! Just...Just promise me that you’ll never let that bed go empty again. I miss you sometimes.” Tom was quiet, his green eyes fixed on the floor. Taylor sighed and looked down, taking that as a sign to go. “I’ll get my stuff. You wouldn’t even notice i’d been here..” It took him a moment to realise what she was saying. “No! No, no. You’re not going anywhere. I- I promise. I said i’d promise you anything didn’t i? I won’t ever. Ever let it go cold. I love you.” He smiled. “I’ll always love you.” Taylor looked at him, and smiled slightly. Tom licked his lips, “So......sex?” “THOMAS!” 
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