10. facts about me:

1. Which is your favorite color? asked by @benni - I like nearly all colour, but I like blue and brown the most

2.Which city do you want to see next?/in life? asked by @benni - The next city I want to visit is paris again, or maybe London, don't know exactly I want to visit both. I also want to go to Sicily again and visit friends there :)) I want to visit New York and L.A. at least one time in my life. With some friends <3

3. I'm 18 years old and about 5'3 tall/small (what ever xD )

4. I like being different in nearly all chases and at the same time I want to be like others. seriously! Sometimes I think I'm crazy.

5. I want to learn playing piano, just because I love the music :D

6. I'm in love with a boy who just see's me as a friend.

7. I listen to music, my friends doesn't even have heard the name.

8. I'm shy - not antisocial, just shy - x)

9. Love reading books, and every time someone ask me about my favourite I don't know ONE book, but afterwards I know hundreds of books I like.

10. I ly awake and think about situations that could happen and what I'll say if it ever happens.
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