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*Whoever is in charge of these layout changes I have a very valid argument if you will just take the time to listen!

**My ONLY problem with the new profile layout concerns the items, sets, and collections I have liked. First, I don't understand why items are under the likes tab if there is a tab specifically for the items; there's no point in items being under the likes tab, it just causes clutter. Second, the old polyvore layout had a very useful feature where I could choose to view only the sets I liked, the collections, or all.

That's it! My only problem. I feel like if items weren't included under the likes tab and the feature I discussed was brought back it would make viewing what I have liked more organized and less cluttered.

***The changes haven't hit me yet but a friend who does have the new layout let me play around with hers and get familiar with the changes. I don't like change but I can get used to it.

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