I have been moreless accused of copying someone elses set. Please know that I have been on here two years or more and have never copied someones set, nor would I . I would not want that done to me and my sets and I would not do that to someone either. 

Here is my set http://www.polyvore.com/smart_beautiful_why_yes_am/set?id=33675059

Here is the set I was accused of copying.

I have never seen her set before, and had never even seen this dress until yesterday.

when i make a set i pick a picture and then create it around the colors in that picture. I like everything to match. I had a hard time finding a dress to match the colors of the pic and backgrounds around the pic and when i found that dress it matched perfectly and the shoes match the brown in the dress just right.

We all have the same option of items to use and I don't feel that using the same dress and shoes in a set means that you are copying someone. There are thousands upon thousands of sets on here and we all don't view the same ones so we have no idea what others have made. 

Please know I would never copy anyones sets.

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