I think our generation now is screwed up.
I am 13 years young and currently attend a middle school. About 90% of the students who go to my school have tried or smokes weed or any other drug such as ecstacy, spice, etc. One of my CLOSEST friends is now in a gang. & I know so many other people whom is my friend and has lost their virginity at the age of like as young as 13 YEARS OLD.
& Then I see these 11-12 yr olds around my neighborhood like making out with their boyfriends, wearing shirts that show their belly and booty shorts, etc.

What has this generation come to? Like, really?There's no more class. People seriously don't respect themselves anymore. They don't appreciate the life they have. They don't care about their parents. They don't care about school. They honestly just ABUSE themselves.

What good does it do to your body to take in drugs?
What good does it do to sluff class and give up in school?
What good does it do to have se.x at the age of like, 13?
What good does it do to be 'cool' and join a gang?
What good does it do to give yourself a bad image and reputation?


Drugs hurt your body. Literally kill you physically and mentally.

Sluffing? Well good luck working at Mcdonalds for the rest of your life because you didn't try to gain some knowledge. I mean, you probably could've been a doctor, a lawyer, a fashion designer, a singer or anything you wish to be. 

Having a baby at 13. Wow, you know you just got a lot of responsibility now. You're not gonna be able to go to school. You probably wont be able get enough money to raise it.

Lets see, joining a gang. I mean, putting your family at risk from being killed because you're associated with gang acts is FUN right? 

& Dressing like a sl.ut gives everybody a good impression of you doesn't it? Of course, taking pictures of your boobiess hanging out is okay and totally shows you have respect for yourself.

I'm so sick of people.

So today, theres this girl named Feliciaa at my school and like she takes so many drugs, she lost her virginity several times at 13, she dresses trashy, takes trashy pictures, joined a gang, just possibly everything bad you can think of. Everybody LOVES her for it. She claims she does it cause she goes through hard times and so she likes to do stupid tihngs. Everyone gives her sympathy. Someone even made a video today dedicated to her and telling people to back off cause its her life.

Well I get its her life, but who are you trying to be telling other people to back off?
To be honest, I don't give her sympathy. I UNDERSTAND but when shes giving the impression of her being a ho.e, s.lut, druggieee addict, sluffer, etc. etc. I'm sure she WANTS to be known as that and WANTS the attention for everything shes done.

It just PISSES me off. Like, people like YOU really give a bad impression on us teens who actually want to learn, who actually dont do bad things in life, etc. etc. 

I mean, if she really is going through hard times and everything, I'm sure she'd fix her mistakes and move on from her life. But I just wanted to say, when you GIVE a bad impression on yourself, you GET a bad impression of yourself. No one is being judgemental here. It's what YOU created. 

I don't know, but I just wanted to say that.
So what are your guys opinions?
Just say them now. Even if they offend me. (:

*Sorry for the ugly set LOL.
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