PLEASE READ: November 2013 Set Challenge

Hey there everyone! Raelee here. So I wanted to try something on here and I would love if you would participate in this. So basically everyday for the month of November I'm going to be making a set that corresponds to this collection. As you can see each picture/item has it's own day, when that day comes along i'm going to post a set that goes with the according item. I'd love for you to do the same thing (but you don't have to use the /same/ picture- Im just interested in the type of item). Be sure yo use this hash tag (#raeleesnovemberchallenge2013)when you post your set (and no you don't have to do the whole thing, but it will be favorable to you! I'll like 100 of your sets/collections as well as follow you if you do all 30 sets).
Depending on how well this goes I'll do one for December if any of you are interested :)


Wrote one year ago
literally use the that item. That's what I did.

Wrote one year ago
How should I do the sweater song? :)

Wrote one year ago
Awesome idea! I'll try to do all of them, but no promises since I still haven't got a laptop charger -_-

Wrote one year ago
I would love to do it!! :D No promise that I can do all of them. :\

Wrote one year ago
very interesting idea

Wrote one year ago

Wrote one year ago
But what if you were the secret and I didn't see it?
My Rock N' Rollers part sei:
** @adr-ze ** @amour12 ** @jenna323-m ** @poptart-omnomnom ** @natjulieta ** @myparadisecity ** @ymargentina ** @lexabelle ** @djboarder ** @angelrocky ** @niallzaynharrylouisliam1 ** @lulu60roxs ** @whitley5 ** @uniqueheart ** @sienab1234 ** @futurepopledgend ** @gma-mariana ** @sue-mes ** @melodical-maniac ** @paramoreturtle **

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But what if you were the secret and I didn’t see it?
My Rock N’ Rollers part five : ❝@blondie2644❞ ❝@therhoel❞ ❝@elaine-elizabethxo❞ ❝@rockergir13❞ ❝@monkeyowl❞ ❝@kiana-bbieber❞ ❝@aka-justine❞ ❝@wilford302❞ ❝@jawh❞ ❝@art-lover ❞ ❝@fashion-take-over❞ ❝@joannaalvarez❞ ❝@fameandpartners ❞ ❝@dizzy26dancer❞ ❝@designergirl2000❞ ❝@choccypebbles❞ ❝@dazychains❞ ❝@xxfirefliesonfirexx❞ ❝@scratchylenbiohazardous❞ ❝@amanda-hoang❞

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But what if you were the secret and I didn’t see it?
My Rock N’ Rollers part quatre :
✫✫ @graceful-whovian ✫✫ @sperrbear101 ✫✫ @nobody-understands ✫✫ @izz-monster6 ✫✫ @kittycatcrystal ✫✫ @midnighthowl ✫✫ @i-talk-to-trees ✫✫ @nyclove18 ✫✫ @screamon13 ✫✫ @itsonly-niya ✫✫ @cocomonster143 ✫✫ @umcat ✫✫ @emmaquinn17 ✫✫ @green-and-purple-dinosaur ✫✫ @beachhippie5397 ✫✫ @bellebelle13 ✫✫ @jazzyinparis ✫✫ @queendcanfly ✫✫ @lemon64 ✫✫ @stela-12 ✫✫

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But what if you were the secret and I didn’t see it?
My Rock N’ Rollers part drie:
•• @madelenaheinrich •• @im-batman-bioatch •• @carlybudstop •• @queendcanfly •• @jasmincarnitas •• @truedirection23 •• @madison-maddi-pettis-anon •• @batgirl-love •• @marleacorey •• @hayley-xoxo •• @my-name-is-lily •• @irishgirlforever •• @shadowjinxx •• @milka-cubas •• @kaliz22 •• @abravo-464 •• @pretty-in-green •• @monkeesam •• @hardcore-rebel347 •• @mara-847 ••

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But what if you were the secret and I didn’t see it?
My Rock N’ Rollers part dos:
► @mrsjayyvonmonroe ◄►@these-anons ◄►@madelynn-hefner ◄►@cortney-hudson ◄►@@ambreh-and-haley-anon◄►@ashley-devaney ◄►@fholmes ◄►@kaitlyn-albright ◄►@paigeroberts911 ◄►@sbeathard ◄►@your-two-anons ◄►@clare-tomlinson ◄►@happinesshared ◄►@kait-horan ◄►@starenicole ◄►@imbadnews-inthebestway ◄►@janedoe-neverletmego ◄►@morgan-oldie ◄►@dark-angel234 ◄►@mikaylaa-s ◄

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But what if you were the secret and I didn’t see it?
My Rock N’ Rollers part one:
» @lilac321love «» @jupiter-hale «» @phoenix-001 «» @k-oibito «» @youranonsforeverandalways «» @azal3a «» @aublovesross «» @yuve «» @an-dr3a «» @jfc-anonymous «» @rptiger «» @lovelybarbie101 «» @stephanie-is-a-iconic-girl «» @idkbradely «» @dr-abby-vengenz «» @morganwillalwaysloveyou «» @valerielovessmiles «» @kharry «» @batman3783 «» @justkatieagain «»@rosie-trp «

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But what if you were the secret and I didn’t see it?
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@thedeargooddead My first tag-lister and an ∀ɯɒzıuƃ writer. Okay, I know you said that what you had before was just fine, but too bad. You get something more. Why? Because you’re supermegaawesomefoxyhot. That’s why. Okay, now I’m done
@gwendolyn-mcintyre Simply speaking you are my best friend on here. You were the first person I remember talking to and I never told you this, but I was completely amazed at how you just flat out asked me if we wanted to be friends on here. Not knowing anyone on here I quickly grabbed at this and what I want to say now is that I have never regretted that decision once.
@always-audrey Finally! Someone on here who I know for certain likes classic rock, probably as much as I do. Especially when it comes to AC/DC. Just so you know, you broke the brownie point scale for my book just for that. And yes that’s a good thing. At this time I’m going to drastically change topics and say that I love your sets. I’m just going to marry them. Every last, single one of ‘em. Would it be creepy if I just go through all of your sets and like all of the ones I haven’t yet? Expect me to do that one of these days.
@nekoprincess pretty much every time we talk I learn something new about you and that something makes me go “OMG! Me too!” Seriously, we both like MJF, watch the news, and love dancing among other things. I just like having someone else on here that I can relate to as much as I can relate with you
@k3llin-an0n When I saw that you were back (well under another account that is) I was so freaking ecstatic! To be quite honest I’m not a big fan of anons because they just didn’t make sense to me but yours for some reason I absolutely loved!
@mattymullins-an0n You’re back! OMFG! It’s like Christmas, my birthday, and summer holiday came on the same day.
@phantabulous As a fellow writer we are very simpatico. Thank you for helping me to continue writing and always keeping me on track and up to date so I don’t fall behind. I really appreciate your support and help on that!
@par0dise Oh. My. God. Your. Sets. Woman. All I can say right now is that jealously is a b*tch on my part. Can I just go through every set of your and like them all? Please!
@themoticiansdaughter99 You have some serious brownie point in my books I hope you know. You have an awesome username, and kick ass taste in music, and are just over all cool in my eyes.
@anons-4-blubie Okay, I’m just giving you some heads up here. I’m just going to go to you anytime I have a question when it comes to an anon account because I’ve never seen a group one before and I must say my curiosity is peaked.
@amber-soleil every time I see your name on here I just want to break out and sing “Au Soleil” by Jennifer. She’s an awesome French singer just FYI
@jasmincarnitas What is this another MCR fan! Can I just hug you right now! And then cry as I’m hugging you because I’m still not over the whole MCR broke up thing?
@itsmariabby Another MJF fan! Seriously it’s like the internet loves me and keeps on sending people of similar interests to me. As proof, just look at how we were “introduced”- namely my fan-girling over the fact that you like MJF (like what I’m doing now)
@piegon15 asdfghjkLOVE your user name. I have no clue why, but I just do.
@blackveilbridegirl15 You believe in Andley too! Seriously, I was getting worried that I was like the only one who saw that. Clearly I don’t know many BVB fans out there. So I’m just going to start by befriending you.
@andys-nobody good another BVB fan I can talk to. Seriously there’s no one on my side of the computer scene that I know that is a BVB fan. This totally sucks because I have no one to go to BVB concerts with. So now I’m just going to pretend that I’m going with you. Problem solved.
@novelas-de-rayita123 Okay, seriously you need more followers! Your sets are just too good to not have that many followers. To anyone whose actually reading this click on the actual tag and then hit the follow button. Do it and do it now.


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