Hey guys.... please take the time to read this... 
So when I was in fourth grade my brother went to the chiropractor and my mom took me with him
The chiropractor took one look at me and said that my right shoulder was lower than my left.
But we shook it off because me and my mom thought that it was because I've always carried my backpack on one shoulder
Two days ago I've been feeling back pains and chest pains and REALLY short of breath
Even my mom noticed I looked stressed out
So I looked up "signs of scoliosis" because I remembered hearing about scoliosis on the news or something
So all the symptoms it listed, I have
And I asked again tonight if I had crooked shoulders to my mom and she said yeah..
So we looked up how to cure it and it said back braces or surgery if it's really bad
And tomorrow we're going to the doctor right after school... 
Please pray for me.. You don't have to but I REALLY do not want scoliosis
Really I don't want to go up on that stage as a candidate with a back brace! I have the cutest outfit too, what the hell, why me? /:
If I have a back brace how am I supposed to be a flyer in cheer?
Homecoming game, too!
And if I have surgery, it said that I need training for walking... 
I really don't want to learn how to walk again, I have a dream of being a model and actress
How am I supposed to walk a show?
And do you know what really comes as a coincidence?
Last week in English we learned about the poem "A Dream Deferred"
It goes like: 

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up 
like a raisin in the sun? 
Or fester like a sore-- 
And then run? 
Does it stink like rotten meat? 
Or crust and sugar over-- 
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags 
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?

And I thought that I would ever be able to understand that because I'm too young or something
But now I understand I really don't want to give up my dream of being a model and actress! I don't want to sound really selfish or something, but I mean... imagine ALL your dreams for a second
Then imagine how it would be like if you can't do them or get to them!
That's how I feel! 
I'm bawling my eyes out as I type this... 
Please... pray for me
You don't have to
And this isn't for sympathy
But I really, do NOT want scoliosis....
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