Name: Aurora Rosaline Katherine Wright
Model: Taylor Swift
Age: 18
Love Interest: Phillip Kingston
Details: Named after the morning sun, Aurora is just that - sunny, warm, and kind hearted. And, as it just so happens, narcoleptic. She doesn't have any of the nasty symptoms as a someone born with the disease would - hers is magically induced by that evil //witch//. Falling asleep at random intervals can be hard, but she copes with it the best she can; hey, any excuse to fall asleep in math class, right?
Bio: When she was only a newborn, poor dear Aurora had a curse cast upon her - a curse that causes her to fall asleep randomly, for maybe a moment, or maybe hours at a time. Sometimes it's dreamless, and sometimes she's terrorized by nightmares. But Aurora - often known as Rorie amongst her friends - has never allowed her to get her down. She spends her days painting, reading, and socializing to lead that full yet interuppted life. Like most girls here, she can carry a mean tune, but has a bit too much stage-fright to sing publicly. It's her philosophy that life is too short to spend it in misery; and, besides, nothing ever lasts forever. With true love's kiss, her spell will break. 
Rorie holds deep gravity in dreams. She believes every dream is a sign, an omen of the future. She finds that each dream has a secret meaning, a depth. This was only confirmed when she met Phillip, the boy that her narcoleptic dreamings had shown her for weeks on end. And she loves him, her soul mate, and she knows that he loves her, but is he her true love?
She doesn't know...They've never kissed.
Other: She's pretty new to town, so she doesn't know everybody. 
Story: {coming later O.O}
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