~Hunter Parrish, Down So Low {okay, gonna go marry Hunter and his amazing voice and face now brb. @diegolohve MUSIC SUGGESTION <3}


Okay so yeah everyone says Frida is overused but honestly she's one of my favorite models and she's got just amazing pictures and she's flawless and perfect for my character so I'm using her :)


Calliope Lynae Carmichael {eighteen}
Likes- lace, Valentino, sugar cookies, ribbon, strawberry lemonade, skirts, clutches, pearls, pale pink lip gloss, Nicholas Sparks books, romantic movies, Chanel, braids, Michael Buble
Dislikes- corsets, dirt, disorganized book shelves, eating outside, beer, clingy clothing, obnoxious boys, being in the middle, skinny jeans, soup, metal
Bio - True to her name, Calliope is a beautiful girl who does not go unnoticed. Her sisters are all naturally flawless as well, but Calliope was different because she was never in the middle of everything like the rest of them. Calliope was the middle daughter, stuck between the oldest and the youngest daughters, and never felt quite right amongst them. She was the farthest from a typical social outcast, but in her own home she felt out of place, even when her mother Viktoria chose her for many of her test shots during prestigious photo shoots. People always complimented Calliope on her looks and the way she held herself, saying she was this or that above the others. Maybe it was all true, but Calliope still always drifted off to the side at parties or special events, preferring to be alone than on the front page of the local news with her parents and sisters. Calliope is the girl-next-door of the Carmichaels, and there is a reason for that. Certainly not something that would ever surface, because Viktoria and Brad only want what is best. And best meaning, kept a secret. Calliope can only take so many pills to make it stop, but bipolar disorder does not always listen to medical assistance. 
Model- Frida Gustavsson 

1. Frida Gustavsson
2. Elsa Hosk
3. Milou Sluis

STORY [sorry this isn't my best but I tried, if I get in I'd definitely have more time to develop Calliope!]

“Cal, this… It isn’t working out,” Henry sighed, his hands recoiling from mine. I stared at them, setting atop the tabletop, right next to the candle and the salt and pepper shakers. They shook a little as they fell into his lap, twisting around each other. “I’m sorry.”

I glanced up into his eyes. “Oh. Okay.”

He narrowed his eyes, almost to a squint, and c-cked his head. “What?”

“You’re breaking up with me,” I said, shrugging a little. I felt the teeniest lump in my gut, like a small punch, more of a pinch really, but nothing major. I had never felt much of anything around him, so I guess it was all for the better. “Yeah.”

He gawked at me, shaking his head. “Well, okay. Guess I didn’t expect you to be upset. I never expect much from you anyway. That’s why it wasn’t working out, right?” He threw down his napkin onto the table, slipping away and into the restaurant. I followed his figure as it moved past people, shoulders bumping into the waiters as he picked up speed, disappearing down the hall that led out to the parking lot. I sat and stared inside for awhile, feeling barely anything at all. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Calliope? Is that you?” came Mom’s voice when I padded up the stairs, dropping my blazer over the banister. She came out of her bedroom, wearing her workout gear. I noticed not a drop of sweat, and knew she was just about to leave, carrying Paulo’s leash in her left hand. “Oh, you’re home early. Everything all right with Henry?”

“He dumped me,” I replied, my voice level. If I would’ve said “he asked me to marry him”, I knew it would’ve sounded the same. It was never different. They wouldn’t let me have it different. They wanted repetition, boring repetition. 

“Oh, sweetie,” Mom said, coming over an enveloping me in a hug. She smelled like Chanel Chance, hers and my favorite, and when she let go, I just stood there stiff, feeling the scent drift away along with her concern. It wasn’t that she didn’t care about me; it was that I was cutting into her exercise time, I knew.

“He said it wasn’t working out,” I told her as she looked at me with sad eyes. Then they flickered with a sort-of annoyed flash. “He said he never expected anything from me.”

She pursed her lips, taking a deep breath. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“Yes, he does,” I said, starting toward my room. “He may not know about the pills, but he knows I’m just a whole lot of nothing. I don’t do anything different. It’s all the same.” 

“Calliope, you need your medicine, you know that.” She caught herself from rolling her eyes, but I knew just stupid she thought it was, the idea of not taking them and being normal me. But her and Dad didn’t think I was normal. They thought I was something they couldn’t handle. They thought I was too happy or too sad or too angry or too excited. Never an in-between. But at least it felt normal to me. The pills made me feel weird, even if I appeared like I always did to the outside world. Even my sisters barely saw the other person that I was.

“What if I don’t /want/ it?” I challenged, but my voice didn’t sound menacing at all.

“Not an option.” Mom scowled, turned back toward the staircase, whistled for Paulo, and clomped down to the first floor, passing the maid on her way and telling her to “order more Seroquel.” The maid was the only person outside of the family who knew about my “condition” and Mom made her swear basically on her life that wouldn’t dispose of the information to anyone. So no one knew. When I would feel too low or too high, Mom made me take extra dosages even if the doctors didn’t recommend it, because she didn’t want anyone to even suspect I had what I did. 

Everyone just thought I lived my life in a dull perfection. 

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Be Positive;;Get Popular ♥

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The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet

The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet

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Endless Summer

Endless Summer

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